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touch_atime(9) [centos man page]

TOUCH_ATIME(9)							   The Linux VFS						    TOUCH_ATIME(9)

touch_atime - update the access time SYNOPSIS
void touch_atime(struct path * path); ARGUMENTS
path the struct path to update DESCRIPTION
Update the accessed time on an inode and mark it for writeback. This function automatically handles read only file systems and media, as well as the "noatime" flag and inode specific "noatime" markers. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 TOUCH_ATIME(9)

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ARCHIVE_ENTRY_PATHS(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				    ARCHIVE_ENTRY_PATHS(3)

archive_entry_hardlink, archive_entry_hardlink_w, archive_entry_set_hardlink, archive_entry_copy_hardlink, archive_entry_copy_hardlink_w, archve_entry_update_hardlink_utf8, archive_entry_set_link, archive_entry_copy_link, archive_entry_copy_link_w, archve_entry_update_link_utf8, archive_entry_pathname, archive_entry_pathname_w, archive_entry_set_pathname, archive_entry_copy_pathname, archive_entry_copy_pathname_w, archve_entry_update_pathname_utf8, archive_entry_sourcepath, archive_entry_copy_sourcepath, archive_entry_symlink, archive_entry_symlink_w, archive_entry_set_symlink, archive_entry_copy_symlink, archive_entry_copy_symlink_w, archve_entry_update_symlink_utf8 -- functions for manip- ulating path names in archive entry descriptions LIBRARY
Streaming Archive Library (libarchive, -larchive) SYNOPSIS
#include <archive_entry.h> const char * archive_entry_hardlink(struct archive_entry *a); const wchar_t * archive_entry_hardlink_w(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_hardlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_hardlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_hardlink_w(struct archive_entry *a, const, wchar_t, *path"); int archive_entry_update_hardlink_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_set_link(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_link(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_link_w(struct archive_entry *a, const wchar_t *path); int archive_entry_update_link_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); const char * archive_entry_pathname(struct archive_entry *a); const wchar_t * archive_entry_pathname_w(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_pathname(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_pathname(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_pathname_w(struct archive_entry *a, const wchar_t *path); int archive_entry_update_pathname_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); const char * archive_entry_sourcepath(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_copy_sourcepath(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); const char * archive_entry_symlink(struct archive_entry *a); const wchar_t * archive_entry_symlink_w(struct archive_entry *a); void archive_entry_set_symlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_symlink(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); void archive_entry_copy_symlink_w(struct archive_entry *a, const wchar_t *path); int archive_entry_update_symlink_utf8(struct archive_entry *a, const char *path); DESCRIPTION
Path names supported by archive_entry(3): hardlink Destination of the hardlink. link Update only. For a symlink, update the destination. Otherwise, make the entry a hardlink and alter the destination for that. pathname Path in the archive sourcepath Path on the disk for use by archive_read_disk(3). symlink Destination of the symbolic link. Path names can be provided in one of three different ways: char * Multibyte strings in the current locale. wchar_t * Wide character strings in the current locale. The accessor functions are named XXX_w(). UTF-8 Unicode strings encoded as UTF-8. This are convience functions to update both the multibyte and wide character strings at the same time. The sourcepath is a pure filesystem concept and never stored in an archive directly. For that reason, it is only available as multibyte string. The link path is a convience function for conditionally setting hardlink or sym- link destination. It doesn't have a corresponding get accessor function. archive_entry_set_XXX() is an alias for archive_entry_copy_XXX(). SEE ALSO
archive(3), archive_entry(3) BSD
February 2, 2012 BSD
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