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struct_wiphy(9) [centos man page]

WIPHY(9) Device registration STRUCT WIPHY(9) NAME
struct_wiphy - wireless hardware description SYNOPSIS
struct wiphy { u8 perm_addr[ETH_ALEN]; u8 addr_mask[ETH_ALEN]; struct mac_address * addresses; const struct ieee80211_txrx_stypes * mgmt_stypes; const struct ieee80211_iface_combination * iface_combinations; int n_iface_combinations; u16 software_iftypes; u16 n_addresses; u16 interface_modes; u16 max_acl_mac_addrs; u32 flags; u32 features; u32 ap_sme_capa; enum cfg80211_signal_type signal_type; int bss_priv_size; u8 max_scan_ssids; u8 max_sched_scan_ssids; u8 max_match_sets; u16 max_scan_ie_len; u16 max_sched_scan_ie_len; int n_cipher_suites; const u32 * cipher_suites; u8 retry_short; u8 retry_long; u32 frag_threshold; u32 rts_threshold; u8 coverage_class; char fw_version[ETHTOOL_FWVERS_LEN]; u32 hw_version; #ifdef CONFIG_PM struct wiphy_wowlan_support wowlan; #endif u16 max_remain_on_channel_duration; u8 max_num_pmkids; u32 available_antennas_tx; u32 available_antennas_rx; u32 probe_resp_offload; const u8 * extended_capabilities; const u8 * extended_capabilities_mask; u8 extended_capabilities_len; const void * privid; struct ieee80211_supported_band * bands[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]; void (* reg_notifier) (struct wiphy *wiphy,struct regulatory_request *request); const struct ieee80211_regdomain __rcu * regd; struct device dev; bool registered; struct dentry * debugfsdir; const struct ieee80211_ht_cap * ht_capa_mod_mask; const struct ieee80211_vht_cap * vht_capa_mod_mask; #ifdef CONFIG_NET_NS struct net * _net; #endif #ifdef CONFIG_CFG80211_WEXT const struct iw_handler_def * wext; #endif char priv[0]; }; MEMBERS
perm_addr[ETH_ALEN] permanent MAC address of this device addr_mask[ETH_ALEN] If the device supports multiple MAC addresses by masking, set this to a mask with variable bits set to 1, e.g. if the last addresses If the device has more than one address, set this pointer to a list of addresses (6 bytes each). The first one will be used by default for perm_addr. In this case, the mask should be set to all-zeroes. In this case it is assumed that the device can handle the same number of arbitrary MAC addresses. mgmt_stypes bitmasks of frame subtypes that can be subscribed to or transmitted through nl80211, points to an array indexed by interface type iface_combinations Valid interface combinations array, should not list single interface types. n_iface_combinations number of entries in iface_combinations array. software_iftypes bitmask of software interface types, these are not subject to any restrictions since they are purely managed in SW. n_addresses number of addresses in addresses. interface_modes bitmask of interfaces types valid for this wiphy, must be set by driver max_acl_mac_addrs Maximum number of MAC addresses that the device supports for ACL. flags wiphy flags, see enum wiphy_flags features features advertised to nl80211, see enum nl80211_feature_flags. ap_sme_capa AP SME capabilities, flags from enum nl80211_ap_sme_features. signal_type signal type reported in struct cfg80211_bss. bss_priv_size each BSS struct has private data allocated with it, this variable determines its size max_scan_ssids maximum number of SSIDs the device can scan for in any given scan max_sched_scan_ssids maximum number of SSIDs the device can scan for in any given scheduled scan max_match_sets maximum number of match sets the device can handle when performing a scheduled scan, 0 if filtering is not supported. max_scan_ie_len maximum length of user-controlled IEs device can add to probe request frames transmitted during a scan, must not include fixed IEs like supported rates max_sched_scan_ie_len same as max_scan_ie_len, but for scheduled scans n_cipher_suites number of supported cipher suites cipher_suites supported cipher suites retry_short Retry limit for short frames (dot11ShortRetryLimit) retry_long Retry limit for long frames (dot11LongRetryLimit) frag_threshold Fragmentation threshold (dot11FragmentationThreshold); -1 = fragmentation disabled, only odd values >= 256 used rts_threshold RTS threshold (dot11RTSThreshold); -1 = RTS/CTS disabled coverage_class current coverage class fw_version[ETHTOOL_FWVERS_LEN] firmware version for ethtool reporting hw_version hardware version for ethtool reporting wowlan WoWLAN support information max_remain_on_channel_duration Maximum time a remain-on-channel operation may request, if implemented. max_num_pmkids maximum number of PMKIDs supported by device available_antennas_tx bitmap of antennas which are available to be configured as TX antennas. Antenna configuration commands will be rejected unless this or available_antennas_rx is set. available_antennas_rx bitmap of antennas which are available to be configured as RX antennas. Antenna configuration commands will be rejected unless this or available_antennas_tx is set. probe_resp_offload Bitmap of supported protocols for probe response offloading. See enum nl80211_probe_resp_offload_support_attr. Only valid when the wiphy flag WIPHY_FLAG_AP_PROBE_RESP_OFFLOAD is set. extended_capabilities extended capabilities supported by the driver, additional capabilities might be supported by userspace; these are the 802.11 extended capabilities ("Extended Capabilities element") and are in the same format as in the information element. See 802.11-2012 for the defined fields. extended_capabilities_mask mask of the valid values extended_capabilities_len length of the extended capabilities privid a pointer that drivers can use to identify if an arbitrary wiphy is theirs, e.g. in global notifiers bands[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS] information about bands/channels supported by this device reg_notifier the driver's regulatory notification callback, note that if your driver uses wiphy_apply_custom_regulatory the reg_notifier's request can be passed as NULL regd the driver's regulatory domain, if one was requested via the regulatory_hint API. This can be used by the driver on the reg_notifier if it chooses to ignore future regulatory domain changes caused by other drivers. dev (virtual) struct device for this wiphy registered helps synchronize suspend/resume with wiphy unregister debugfsdir debugfs directory used for this wiphy, will be renamed automatically on wiphy renames ht_capa_mod_mask Specify what ht_cap values can be over-ridden. If null, then none can be over-ridden. vht_capa_mod_mask Specify what VHT capabilities can be over-ridden. If null, then none can be over-ridden. _net the network namespace this wiphy currently lives in wext wireless extension handlers priv[0] driver private data (sized according to wiphy_new parameter) FOUR BITS ARE VARIABLE THEN SET IT TO 00 ...:00:0f. The actual variable bits shall be determined by the interfaces added, with interfaces not matching the mask being rejected to be brought up. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT WIPHY(9)
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