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struct_usb_device(9) [centos man page]

USB_DEVICE(9) Host-Side Data Types and Macro STRUCT USB_DEVICE(9) NAME
struct_usb_device - kernel's representation of a USB device SYNOPSIS
struct usb_device { int devnum; char devpath[16]; u32 route; enum usb_device_state state; enum usb_device_speed speed; struct usb_tt * tt; int ttport; unsigned int toggle[2]; struct usb_device * parent; struct usb_bus * bus; struct usb_host_endpoint ep0; struct device dev; struct usb_device_descriptor descriptor; struct usb_host_bos * bos; struct usb_host_config * config; struct usb_host_config * actconfig; struct usb_host_endpoint * ep_in[16]; struct usb_host_endpoint * ep_out[16]; char ** rawdescriptors; unsigned short bus_mA; u8 portnum; u8 level; unsigned can_submit:1; unsigned persist_enabled:1; unsigned have_langid:1; unsigned authorized:1; unsigned authenticated:1; unsigned wusb:1; unsigned lpm_capable:1; unsigned usb2_hw_lpm_capable:1; unsigned usb2_hw_lpm_besl_capable:1; unsigned usb2_hw_lpm_enabled:1; unsigned usb3_lpm_enabled:1; int string_langid; char * product; char * manufacturer; char * serial; struct list_head filelist; int maxchild; u32 quirks; atomic_t urbnum; unsigned long active_duration; #ifdef CONFIG_PM unsigned long connect_time; unsigned do_remote_wakeup:1; unsigned reset_resume:1; unsigned port_is_suspended:1; #endif struct wusb_dev * wusb_dev; int slot_id; enum usb_device_removable removable; struct usb2_lpm_parameters l1_params; struct usb3_lpm_parameters u1_params; struct usb3_lpm_parameters u2_params; unsigned lpm_disable_count; }; MEMBERS
devnum device number; address on a USB bus devpath[16] device ID string for use in messages (e.g., /port/...) route tree topology hex string for use with xHCI state device state: configured, not attached, etc. speed device speed: high/full/low (or error) tt Transaction Translator info; used with low/full speed dev, highspeed hub ttport device port on that tt hub toggle[2] one bit for each endpoint, with ([0] = IN, [1] = OUT) endpoints parent our hub, unless we're the root bus bus we're part of ep0 endpoint 0 data (default control pipe) dev generic device interface descriptor USB device descriptor bos USB device BOS descriptor set config all of the device's configs actconfig the active configuration ep_in[16] array of IN endpoints ep_out[16] array of OUT endpoints rawdescriptors raw descriptors for each config bus_mA Current available from the bus portnum parent port number (origin 1) level number of USB hub ancestors can_submit URBs may be submitted persist_enabled USB_PERSIST enabled for this device have_langid whether string_langid is valid authorized policy has said we can use it; (user space) policy determines if we authorize this device to be used or not. By default, wired USB devices are authorized. WUSB devices are not, until we authorize them from user space. FIXME -- complete doc authenticated Crypto authentication passed wusb device is Wireless USB lpm_capable device supports LPM usb2_hw_lpm_capable device can perform USB2 hardware LPM usb2_hw_lpm_besl_capable device can perform USB2 hardware BESL LPM usb2_hw_lpm_enabled USB2 hardware LPM enabled usb3_lpm_enabled USB3 hardware LPM enabled string_langid language ID for strings product iProduct string, if present (static) manufacturer iManufacturer string, if present (static) serial iSerialNumber string, if present (static) filelist usbfs files that are open to this device maxchild number of ports if hub quirks quirks of the whole device urbnum number of URBs submitted for the whole device active_duration total time device is not suspended connect_time time device was first connected do_remote_wakeup remote wakeup should be enabled reset_resume needs reset instead of resume port_is_suspended the upstream port is suspended (L2 or U3) wusb_dev if this is a Wireless USB device, link to the WUSB specific data for the device. slot_id Slot ID assigned by xHCI removable Device can be physically removed from this port l1_params best effor service latency for USB2 L1 LPM state, and L1 timeout. u1_params exit latencies for USB3 U1 LPM state, and hub-initiated timeout. u2_params exit latencies for USB3 U2 LPM state, and hub-initiated timeout. lpm_disable_count Ref count used by usb_disable_lpm and usb_enable_lpm to keep track of the number of functions that require USB 3.0 Link Power Management to be disabled for this usb_device. This count should only be manipulated by those functions, with the bandwidth_mutex is held. NOTES
Usbcore drivers should not set usbdev->state directly. Instead use usb_set_device_state. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT USB_DEVICE(9)
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