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struct_uio_info(9) [centos man page]

UIO_INFO(9) Device drivers infrastructure STRUCT UIO_INFO(9) NAME
struct_uio_info - UIO device capabilities SYNOPSIS
struct uio_info { struct uio_device * uio_dev; const char * name; const char * version; struct uio_mem mem[MAX_UIO_MAPS]; struct uio_port port[MAX_UIO_PORT_REGIONS]; long irq; unsigned long irq_flags; void * priv; irqreturn_t (* handler) (int irq, struct uio_info *dev_info); int (* mmap) (struct uio_info *info, struct vm_area_struct *vma); int (* open) (struct uio_info *info, struct inode *inode); int (* release) (struct uio_info *info, struct inode *inode); int (* irqcontrol) (struct uio_info *info, s32 irq_on); }; MEMBERS
uio_dev the UIO device this info belongs to name device name version device driver version mem[MAX_UIO_MAPS] list of mappable memory regions, size==0 for end of list port[MAX_UIO_PORT_REGIONS] list of port regions, size==0 for end of list irq interrupt number or UIO_IRQ_CUSTOM irq_flags flags for request_irq priv optional private data handler the device's irq handler mmap mmap operation for this uio device open open operation for this uio device release release operation for this uio device irqcontrol disable/enable irqs when 0/1 is written to /dev/uioX COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT UIO_INFO(9)

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HSI_PORT(9) High Speed Synchronous Serial STRUCT HSI_PORT(9) NAME
struct_hsi_port - HSI port device SYNOPSIS
struct hsi_port { struct device device; struct hsi_config tx_cfg; struct hsi_config rx_cfg; unsigned int num; unsigned int shared:1; int claimed; struct mutex lock; int (* async) (struct hsi_msg *msg); int (* setup) (struct hsi_client *cl); int (* flush) (struct hsi_client *cl); int (* start_tx) (struct hsi_client *cl); int (* stop_tx) (struct hsi_client *cl); int (* release) (struct hsi_client *cl); struct atomic_notifier_head n_head; }; MEMBERS
device Driver model representation of the device tx_cfg Current TX path configuration rx_cfg Current RX path configuration num Port number shared Set when port can be shared by different clients claimed Reference count of clients which claimed the port lock Serialize port claim async Asynchronous transfer callback setup Callback to set the HSI client configuration flush Callback to clean the HW state and destroy all pending transfers start_tx Callback to inform that a client wants to TX data stop_tx Callback to inform that a client no longer wishes to TX data release Callback to inform that a client no longer uses the port n_head Notifier chain for signaling port events to the clients. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT HSI_PORT(9)
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