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struct_socket(9) [centos man page]

SOCKET(9) Linux Networking STRUCT SOCKET(9) NAME
struct_socket - general BSD socket SYNOPSIS
struct socket { socket_state state; short type; unsigned long flags; struct socket_wq __rcu * wq; struct file * file; struct sock * sk; const struct proto_ops * ops; }; MEMBERS
state socket state (SS_CONNECTED, etc) type socket type (SOCK_STREAM, etc) flags socket flags (SOCK_ASYNC_NOSPACE, etc) wq wait queue for several uses file File back pointer for gc sk internal networking protocol agnostic socket representation ops protocol specific socket operations COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT SOCKET(9)

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SK_BUFF(9) Linux Networking STRUCT SK_BUFF(9) NAME
struct_sk_buff - socket buffer SYNOPSIS
struct sk_buff { struct sk_buff * next; struct sk_buff * prev; ktime_t tstamp; struct sock * sk; struct net_device * dev; char cb[48]; unsigned long _skb_dst; #ifdef CONFIG_XFRM struct sec_path * sp; #endif unsigned int len; unsigned int data_len; __u16 mac_len; __u16 hdr_len; union {unnamed_union}; __u16 vlan_tci; sk_buff_data_t transport_header; sk_buff_data_t network_header; sk_buff_data_t mac_header; sk_buff_data_t tail; sk_buff_data_t end; unsigned char * head; unsigned char * data; unsigned int truesize; atomic_t users; }; MEMBERS
next Next buffer in list prev Previous buffer in list tstamp Time we arrived sk Socket we are owned by dev Device we arrived on/are leaving by cb[48] Control buffer. Free for use by every layer. Put private vars here _skb_dst destination entry sp the security path, used for xfrm len Length of actual data data_len Data length mac_len Length of link layer header hdr_len writable header length of cloned skb {unnamed_union} anonymous vlan_tci vlan tag control information transport_header Transport layer header network_header Network layer header mac_header Link layer header tail Tail pointer end End pointer head Head of buffer data Data head pointer truesize Buffer size users User count - see {datagram,tcp}.c COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 STRUCT SK_BUFF(9)
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