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struct_rio_ops(9) [centos man page]

struct_rio_ops - Low-level RIO configuration space operations SYNOPSIS
struct rio_ops { int (* lcread) (struct rio_mport *mport, int index, u32 offset, int len,u32 *data); int (* lcwrite) (struct rio_mport *mport, int index, u32 offset, int len,u32 data); int (* cread) (struct rio_mport *mport, int index, u16 destid,u8 hopcount, u32 offset, int len, u32 *data); int (* cwrite) (struct rio_mport *mport, int index, u16 destid,u8 hopcount, u32 offset, int len, u32 data); int (* dsend) (struct rio_mport *mport, int index, u16 destid, u16 data); int (* pwenable) (struct rio_mport *mport, int enable); int (* open_outb_mbox) (struct rio_mport *mport, void *dev_id,int mbox, int entries); void (* close_outb_mbox) (struct rio_mport *mport, int mbox); int (* open_inb_mbox) (struct rio_mport *mport, void *dev_id,int mbox, int entries); void (* close_inb_mbox) (struct rio_mport *mport, int mbox); int (* add_outb_message) (struct rio_mport *mport, struct rio_dev *rdev,int mbox, void *buffer, size_t len); int (* add_inb_buffer) (struct rio_mport *mport, int mbox, void *buf); void *(* get_inb_message) (struct rio_mport *mport, int mbox); int (* map_inb) (struct rio_mport *mport, dma_addr_t lstart,u64 rstart, u32 size, u32 flags); void (* unmap_inb) (struct rio_mport *mport, dma_addr_t lstart); }; MEMBERS
lcread Callback to perform local (master port) read of config space. lcwrite Callback to perform local (master port) write of config space. cread Callback to perform network read of config space. cwrite Callback to perform network write of config space. dsend Callback to send a doorbell message. pwenable Callback to enable/disable port-write message handling. open_outb_mbox Callback to initialize outbound mailbox. close_outb_mbox Callback to shut down outbound mailbox. open_inb_mbox Callback to initialize inbound mailbox. close_inb_mbox Callback to shut down inbound mailbox. add_outb_message Callback to add a message to an outbound mailbox queue. add_inb_buffer Callback to add a buffer to an inbound mailbox queue. get_inb_message Callback to get a message from an inbound mailbox queue. map_inb Callback to map RapidIO address region into local memory space. unmap_inb Callback to unmap RapidIO address region mapped with map_inb. AUTHOR
Matt Porter <>, <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT RIO_OPS(9)

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struct_rio_dev - RIO device info SYNOPSIS
struct rio_dev { struct list_head global_list; struct list_head net_list; struct rio_net * net; u16 did; u16 vid; u32 device_rev; u16 asm_did; u16 asm_vid; u16 asm_rev; u16 efptr; u32 pef; u32 swpinfo; u32 src_ops; u32 dst_ops; u32 comp_tag; u32 phys_efptr; u32 em_efptr; u64 dma_mask; struct rio_driver * driver; struct device dev; struct resource riores[RIO_MAX_DEV_RESOURCES]; int (* pwcback) (struct rio_dev *rdev, union rio_pw_msg *msg, int step); u16 destid; u8 hopcount; struct rio_dev * prev; struct rio_switch rswitch[0]; }; MEMBERS
global_list Node in list of all RIO devices net_list Node in list of RIO devices in a network net Network this device is a part of did Device ID vid Vendor ID device_rev Device revision asm_did Assembly device ID asm_vid Assembly vendor ID asm_rev Assembly revision efptr Extended feature pointer pef Processing element features swpinfo Switch port info src_ops Source operation capabilities dst_ops Destination operation capabilities comp_tag RIO component tag phys_efptr RIO device extended features pointer em_efptr RIO Error Management features pointer dma_mask Mask of bits of RIO address this device implements driver Driver claiming this device dev Device model device riores[RIO_MAX_DEV_RESOURCES] RIO resources this device owns pwcback port-write callback function for this device destid Network destination ID (or associated destid for switch) hopcount Hopcount to this device prev Previous RIO device connected to the current one rswitch[0] struct rio_switch (if valid for this device) AUTHOR
Matt Porter <>, <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT RIO_DEV(9)
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