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struct_rio_mport(9) [centos man page]

struct_rio_mport - RIO master port info SYNOPSIS
struct rio_mport { struct list_head dbells; struct list_head node; struct list_head nnode; struct resource iores; struct resource riores[RIO_MAX_MPORT_RESOURCES]; struct rio_msg inb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX]; struct rio_msg outb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX]; int host_deviceid; struct rio_ops * ops; unsigned char id; unsigned char index; unsigned int sys_size; enum rio_phy_type phy_type; u32 phys_efptr; unsigned char name[RIO_MAX_MPORT_NAME]; void * priv; #ifdef CONFIG_RAPIDIO_DMA_ENGINE struct dma_device dma; #endif struct rio_scan * nscan; }; MEMBERS
dbells List of doorbell events node Node in global list of master ports nnode Node in network list of master ports iores I/O mem resource that this master port interface owns riores[RIO_MAX_MPORT_RESOURCES] RIO resources that this master port interfaces owns inb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX] RIO inbound message event descriptors outb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX] RIO outbound message event descriptors host_deviceid Host device ID associated with this master port ops configuration space functions id Port ID, unique among all ports index Port index, unique among all port interfaces of the same type sys_size RapidIO common transport system size phy_type RapidIO phy type phys_efptr RIO port extended features pointer name[RIO_MAX_MPORT_NAME] Port name string priv Master port private data dma DMA device associated with mport nscan RapidIO network enumeration/discovery operations AUTHOR
Matt Porter <>, <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT RIO_MPORT(9)

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PARPORT_REGISTER_POR(9) 				       Parallel Port Devices					   PARPORT_REGISTER_POR(9)

parport_register_port - register a parallel port SYNOPSIS
struct parport * parport_register_port(unsigned long base, int irq, int dma, struct parport_operations * ops); ARGUMENTS
base base I/O address irq IRQ line dma DMA channel ops pointer to the port driver's port operations structure DESCRIPTION
When a parallel port (lowlevel) driver finds a port that should be made available to parallel port device drivers, it should call parport_register_port. The base, irq, and dma parameters are for the convenience of port drivers, and for ports where they aren't meaningful needn't be set to anything special. They can be altered afterwards by adjusting the relevant members of the parport structure that is returned and represents the port. They should not be tampered with after calling parport_announce_port, however. If there are parallel port device drivers in the system that have registered themselves using parport_register_driver, they are not told about the port at this time; that is done by parport_announce_port. The ops structure is allocated by the caller, and must not be deallocated before calling parport_remove_port. If there is no memory to allocate a new parport structure, this function will return NULL. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 PARPORT_REGISTER_POR(9)
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