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struct_rio_dev(9) [centos man page]

struct_rio_dev - RIO device info SYNOPSIS
struct rio_dev { struct list_head global_list; struct list_head net_list; struct rio_net * net; u16 did; u16 vid; u32 device_rev; u16 asm_did; u16 asm_vid; u16 asm_rev; u16 efptr; u32 pef; u32 swpinfo; u32 src_ops; u32 dst_ops; u32 comp_tag; u32 phys_efptr; u32 em_efptr; u64 dma_mask; struct rio_driver * driver; struct device dev; struct resource riores[RIO_MAX_DEV_RESOURCES]; int (* pwcback) (struct rio_dev *rdev, union rio_pw_msg *msg, int step); u16 destid; u8 hopcount; struct rio_dev * prev; struct rio_switch rswitch[0]; }; MEMBERS
global_list Node in list of all RIO devices net_list Node in list of RIO devices in a network net Network this device is a part of did Device ID vid Vendor ID device_rev Device revision asm_did Assembly device ID asm_vid Assembly vendor ID asm_rev Assembly revision efptr Extended feature pointer pef Processing element features swpinfo Switch port info src_ops Source operation capabilities dst_ops Destination operation capabilities comp_tag RIO component tag phys_efptr RIO device extended features pointer em_efptr RIO Error Management features pointer dma_mask Mask of bits of RIO address this device implements driver Driver claiming this device dev Device model device riores[RIO_MAX_DEV_RESOURCES] RIO resources this device owns pwcback port-write callback function for this device destid Network destination ID (or associated destid for switch) hopcount Hopcount to this device prev Previous RIO device connected to the current one rswitch[0] struct rio_switch (if valid for this device) AUTHOR
Matt Porter <>, <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT RIO_DEV(9)

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struct_ff_device - force-feedback part of an input device SYNOPSIS
struct ff_device { int (* upload) (struct input_dev *dev, struct ff_effect *effect,struct ff_effect *old); int (* erase) (struct input_dev *dev, int effect_id); int (* playback) (struct input_dev *dev, int effect_id, int value); void (* set_gain) (struct input_dev *dev, u16 gain); void (* set_autocenter) (struct input_dev *dev, u16 magnitude); void (* destroy) (struct ff_device *); void * private; unsigned long ffbit[BITS_TO_LONGS(FF_CNT)]; struct mutex mutex; int max_effects; struct ff_effect * effects; struct file * effect_owners[]; }; MEMBERS
upload Called to upload an new effect into device erase Called to erase an effect from device playback Called to request device to start playing specified effect set_gain Called to set specified gain set_autocenter Called to auto-center device destroy called by input core when parent input device is being destroyed private driver-specific data, will be freed automatically ffbit[BITS_TO_LONGS(FF_CNT)] bitmap of force feedback capabilities truly supported by device (not emulated like ones in input_dev->ffbit) mutex mutex for serializing access to the device max_effects maximum number of effects supported by device effects pointer to an array of effects currently loaded into device effect_owners[] array of effect owners; when file handle owning an effect gets closed the effect is automatically erased DESCRIPTION
Every force-feedback device must implement upload and playback methods; erase is optional. set_gain and set_autocenter need only be implemented if driver sets up FF_GAIN and FF_AUTOCENTER bits. Note that playback, set_gain and set_autocenter are called with dev->event_lock spinlock held and interrupts off and thus may not sleep. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT FF_DEVICE(9)
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