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struct_regulator_config(9) [centos man page]

struct_regulator_config - Dynamic regulator descriptor SYNOPSIS
struct regulator_config { struct device * dev; const struct regulator_init_data * init_data; void * driver_data; struct device_node * of_node; struct regmap * regmap; int ena_gpio; unsigned int ena_gpio_invert:1; unsigned int ena_gpio_flags; }; MEMBERS
dev struct device for the regulator init_data platform provided init data, passed through by driver driver_data private regulator data of_node OpenFirmware node to parse for device tree bindings (may be NULL). regmap regmap to use for core regmap helpers if dev_get_regulator is insufficient. ena_gpio GPIO controlling regulator enable. ena_gpio_invert Sense for GPIO enable control. ena_gpio_flags Flags to use when calling gpio_request_one DESCRIPTION
Each regulator registered with the core is described with a structure of this type and a struct regulator_desc. This structure contains the runtime variable parts of the regulator description. AUTHORS
Liam Girdwood <> Author. Mark Brown <> Wolfson Microelectronics, Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT REGULATOR_CON(9)

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regulator_set_optimum_mode - set regulator optimum operating mode SYNOPSIS
int regulator_set_optimum_mode(struct regulator * regulator, int uA_load); ARGUMENTS
regulator regulator source uA_load load current DESCRIPTION
Notifies the regulator core of a new device load. This is then used by DRMS (if enabled by constraints) to set the most efficient regulator operating mode for the new regulator loading. Consumer devices notify their supply regulator of the maximum power they will require (can be taken from device datasheet in the power consumption tables) when they change operational status and hence power state. Examples of operational state changes that can affect power CONSUMPTION ARE
- o Device is opened / closed. o Device I/O is about to begin or has just finished. o Device is idling in between work. This information is also exported via sysfs to userspace. DRMS will sum the total requested load on the regulator and change to the most efficient operating mode if platform constraints allow. Returns the new regulator mode or error. AUTHORS
Liam Girdwood <> Author. Mark Brown <> Wolfson Microelectronics, Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 REGULATOR_SET_OPTIMU(9)
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