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struct_regulation_constraints(9) [centos man page]

struct_regulation_constraints - regulator operating constraints. SYNOPSIS
struct regulation_constraints { const char * name; int min_uV; int max_uV; int uV_offset; int min_uA; int max_uA; unsigned int valid_modes_mask; unsigned int valid_ops_mask; int input_uV; struct regulator_state state_disk; struct regulator_state state_mem; struct regulator_state state_standby; suspend_state_t initial_state; unsigned int initial_mode; unsigned int ramp_delay; unsigned always_on:1; unsigned boot_on:1; unsigned apply_uV:1; }; MEMBERS
name Descriptive name for the constraints, used for display purposes. min_uV Smallest voltage consumers may set. max_uV Largest voltage consumers may set. uV_offset Offset applied to voltages from consumer to compensate for voltage drops. min_uA Smallest current consumers may set. max_uA Largest current consumers may set. valid_modes_mask Mask of modes which may be configured by consumers. valid_ops_mask Operations which may be performed by consumers. input_uV Input voltage for regulator when supplied by another regulator. state_disk State for regulator when system is suspended in disk mode. state_mem State for regulator when system is suspended in mem mode. state_standby State for regulator when system is suspended in standby mode. initial_state Suspend state to set by default. initial_mode Mode to set at startup. ramp_delay Time to settle down after voltage change (unit: uV/us) always_on Set if the regulator should never be disabled. boot_on Set if the regulator is enabled when the system is initially started. If the regulator is not enabled by the hardware or bootloader then it will be enabled when the constraints are applied. apply_uV Apply the voltage constraint when initialising. DESCRIPTION
This struct describes regulator and board/machine specific constraints. AUTHORS
Liam Girdwood <> Author. Mark Brown <> Wolfson Microelectronics, Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT REGULATION_CO(9)

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struct_rio_mport - RIO master port info SYNOPSIS
struct rio_mport { struct list_head dbells; struct list_head node; struct list_head nnode; struct resource iores; struct resource riores[RIO_MAX_MPORT_RESOURCES]; struct rio_msg inb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX]; struct rio_msg outb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX]; int host_deviceid; struct rio_ops * ops; unsigned char id; unsigned char index; unsigned int sys_size; enum rio_phy_type phy_type; u32 phys_efptr; unsigned char name[RIO_MAX_MPORT_NAME]; void * priv; #ifdef CONFIG_RAPIDIO_DMA_ENGINE struct dma_device dma; #endif struct rio_scan * nscan; }; MEMBERS
dbells List of doorbell events node Node in global list of master ports nnode Node in network list of master ports iores I/O mem resource that this master port interface owns riores[RIO_MAX_MPORT_RESOURCES] RIO resources that this master port interfaces owns inb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX] RIO inbound message event descriptors outb_msg[RIO_MAX_MBOX] RIO outbound message event descriptors host_deviceid Host device ID associated with this master port ops configuration space functions id Port ID, unique among all ports index Port index, unique among all port interfaces of the same type sys_size RapidIO common transport system size phy_type RapidIO phy type phys_efptr RIO port extended features pointer name[RIO_MAX_MPORT_NAME] Port name string priv Master port private data dma DMA device associated with mport nscan RapidIO network enumeration/discovery operations AUTHOR
Matt Porter <>, <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT RIO_MPORT(9)
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