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struct_pipe_inode_info(9) [centos man page]

struct_pipe_inode_info - a linux kernel pipe SYNOPSIS
struct pipe_inode_info { struct mutex mutex; wait_queue_head_t wait; unsigned int nrbufs; unsigned int curbuf; unsigned int buffers; unsigned int readers; unsigned int writers; unsigned int files; unsigned int waiting_writers; unsigned int r_counter; unsigned int w_counter; struct page * tmp_page; struct fasync_struct * fasync_readers; struct fasync_struct * fasync_writers; struct pipe_buffer * bufs; }; MEMBERS
mutex mutex protecting the whole thing wait reader/writer wait point in case of empty/full pipe nrbufs the number of non-empty pipe buffers in this pipe curbuf the current pipe buffer entry buffers total number of buffers (should be a power of 2) readers number of current readers of this pipe writers number of current writers of this pipe files number of struct file refering this pipe (protected by ->i_lock) waiting_writers number of writers blocked waiting for room r_counter reader counter w_counter writer counter tmp_page cached released page fasync_readers reader side fasync fasync_writers writer side fasync bufs the circular array of pipe buffers COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT PIPE_INODE_IN(9)

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PIPE(3) 						     Library Functions Manual							   PIPE(3)

pipe - two-way interprocess communication SYNOPSIS
bind #| dir dir/data dir/ctl dir/data1 dir/ctl1 DESCRIPTION
An attach(5) of this device allocates two new streams joined at the device end. X/data and x/ctl are the data and control channels of one stream and x/data1 and x/ctl1 are the data and control channels of the other stream. Data written to one channel becomes available for reading at the other. Write boundaries are preserved: each read terminates when the read buffer is full or after reading the last byte of a write, whichever comes first. Written data is buffered in kernel stream blocks. The writer will block once the stream is full, typically after 32768 bytes or 16 writes. The writer will resume once the stream is less than half full. If there are multiple writers, each write is guaranteed to be available in a contiguous piece at the other end of the pipe. If there are multiple readers, each read will return data from only one write. The pipe(2) system call performs an attach of this device and returns file descriptors to the new pipe's data and data1 files. The files are open with mode ORDWR. SEE ALSO
pipe(2) SOURCE
/sys/src/9/port/devpipe.c PIPE(3)
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