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struct_ieee80211_tx_rate(9) [centos man page]

IEEE80211_TX_(9) The basic mac80211 driver inte STRUCT IEEE80211_TX_(9) NAME
struct_ieee80211_tx_rate - rate selection/status SYNOPSIS
struct ieee80211_tx_rate { s8 idx; u16 count:5; u16 flags:11; }; MEMBERS
idx rate index to attempt to send with count number of tries in this rate before going to the next rate flags rate control flags (enum mac80211_rate_control_flags) DESCRIPTION
A value of -1 for idx indicates an invalid rate and, if used in an array of retry rates, that no more rates should be tried. When used for transmit status reporting, the driver should always report the rate along with the flags it used. struct ieee80211_tx_info contains an array of these structs in the control information, and it will be filled by the rate control algorithm according to what should be sent. For example, if this array contains, in the format { <idx>, <count> } the information { 3, 2 }, { 2, 2 }, { 1, 4 }, { -1, 0 }, { -1, 0 } then this means that the frame should be transmitted up to twice at rate 3, up to twice at rate 2, and up to four times at rate 1 if it doesn't get acknowledged. Say it gets acknowledged by the peer after the fifth attempt, the status information should then contain { 3, 2 }, { 2, 2 }, { 1, 1 }, { -1, 0 } ... since it was transmitted twice at rate 3, twice at rate 2 and once at rate 1 after which we received an acknowledgement. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT IEEE80211_TX_(9)

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IEEE80211_RX_(9) The basic mac80211 driver inte STRUCT IEEE80211_RX_(9) NAME
struct_ieee80211_rx_status - receive status SYNOPSIS
struct ieee80211_rx_status { u64 mactime; enum ieee80211_band band; int freq; int signal; int noise; int antenna; int rate_idx; int flag; }; MEMBERS
mactime value in microseconds of the 64-bit Time Synchronization Function (TSF) timer when the first data symbol (MPDU) arrived at the hardware. band the active band when this frame was received freq frequency the radio was tuned to when receiving this frame, in MHz signal signal strength when receiving this frame, either in dBm, in dB or unspecified depending on the hardware capabilities flags IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_* noise noise when receiving this frame, in dBm. antenna antenna used rate_idx index of data rate into band's supported rates or MCS index if HT rates are use (RX_FLAG_HT) flag RX_FLAG_* DESCRIPTION
The low-level driver should provide this information (the subset supported by hardware) to the 802.11 code with each received frame, in the skb's control buffer (cb). AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 STRUCT IEEE80211_RX_(9)
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