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struct_ieee80211_sta(9) [centos man page]

IEEE80211_STA(9) Advanced driver interface STRUCT IEEE80211_STA(9) NAME
struct_ieee80211_sta - station table entry SYNOPSIS
struct ieee80211_sta { u32 supp_rates[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]; u8 addr[ETH_ALEN]; u16 aid; struct ieee80211_sta_ht_cap ht_cap; struct ieee80211_sta_vht_cap vht_cap; bool wme; u8 uapsd_queues; u8 max_sp; u8 rx_nss; enum ieee80211_sta_rx_bandwidth bandwidth; enum ieee80211_smps_mode smps_mode; u8 drv_priv[0]; }; MEMBERS
supp_rates[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS] Bitmap of supported rates (per band) addr[ETH_ALEN] MAC address aid AID we assigned to the station if we're an AP ht_cap HT capabilities of this STA; restricted to our own capabilities vht_cap VHT capabilities of this STA; restricted to our own capabilities wme indicates whether the STA supports WME. Only valid during AP-mode. uapsd_queues bitmap of queues configured for uapsd. Only valid if wme is supported. max_sp max Service Period. Only valid if wme is supported. rx_nss in HT/VHT, the maximum number of spatial streams the station can receive at the moment, changed by operating mode notifications and capabilities. The value is only valid after the station moves to associated state. bandwidth current bandwidth the station can receive with smps_mode current SMPS mode (off, static or dynamic) drv_priv[0] data area for driver use, will always be aligned to sizeof(void *), size is determined in hw information. DESCRIPTION
A station table entry represents a station we are possibly communicating with. Since stations are RCU-managed in mac80211, any ieee80211_sta pointer you get access to must either be protected by rcu_read_lock explicitly or implicitly, or you must take good care to not use such a pointer after a call to your sta_remove callback that removed it. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT IEEE80211_STA(9)

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IEEE80211_STA_BLOCK_(9) 				     Advanced driver interface					   IEEE80211_STA_BLOCK_(9)

ieee80211_sta_block_awake - block station from waking up SYNOPSIS
void ieee80211_sta_block_awake(struct ieee80211_hw * hw, struct ieee80211_sta * pubsta, bool block); ARGUMENTS
hw the hardware pubsta the station block whether to block or unblock DESCRIPTION
Some devices require that all frames that are on the queues for a specific station that went to sleep are flushed before a poll response or frames after the station woke up can be delivered to that it. Note that such frames must be rejected by the driver as filtered, with the appropriate status flag. This function allows implementing this mode in a race-free manner. To do this, a driver must keep track of the number of frames still enqueued for a specific station. If this number is not zero when the station goes to sleep, the driver must call this function to force mac80211 to consider the station to be asleep regardless of the station's actual state. Once the number of outstanding frames reaches zero, the driver must call this function again to unblock the station. That will cause mac80211 to be able to send ps-poll responses, and if the station queried in the meantime then frames will also be sent out as a result of this. Additionally, the driver will be notified that the station woke up some time after it is unblocked, regardless of whether the station actually woke up while blocked or not. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 IEEE80211_STA_BLOCK_(9)
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