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struct_ieee80211_rx_status(9) [centos man page]

IEEE80211_RX_(9) The basic mac80211 driver inte STRUCT IEEE80211_RX_(9) NAME
struct_ieee80211_rx_status - receive status SYNOPSIS
struct ieee80211_rx_status { u64 mactime; u32 device_timestamp; u32 ampdu_reference; u32 flag; u32 vendor_radiotap_bitmap; u16 vendor_radiotap_len; u16 freq; u8 rate_idx; u8 vht_nss; u8 rx_flags; u8 band; u8 antenna; s8 signal; u8 ampdu_delimiter_crc; u8 vendor_radiotap_align; u8 vendor_radiotap_oui[3]; u8 vendor_radiotap_subns; }; MEMBERS
mactime value in microseconds of the 64-bit Time Synchronization Function (TSF) timer when the first data symbol (MPDU) arrived at the hardware. device_timestamp arbitrary timestamp for the device, mac80211 doesn't use it but can store it and pass it back to the driver for synchronisation ampdu_reference A-MPDU reference number, must be a different value for each A-MPDU but the same for each subframe within one A-MPDU flag RX_FLAG_* vendor_radiotap_bitmap radiotap vendor namespace presence bitmap vendor_radiotap_len radiotap vendor namespace length freq frequency the radio was tuned to when receiving this frame, in MHz rate_idx index of data rate into band's supported rates or MCS index if HT or VHT is used (RX_FLAG_HT/RX_FLAG_VHT) vht_nss number of streams (VHT only) rx_flags internal RX flags for mac80211 band the active band when this frame was received antenna antenna used signal signal strength when receiving this frame, either in dBm, in dB or unspecified depending on the hardware capabilities flags IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_* ampdu_delimiter_crc A-MPDU delimiter CRC vendor_radiotap_align radiotap vendor namespace alignment. Note that the actual data must be at the start of the SKB data already. vendor_radiotap_oui[3] radiotap vendor namespace OUI vendor_radiotap_subns radiotap vendor sub namespace DESCRIPTION
The low-level driver should provide this information (the subset supported by hardware) to the 802.11 code with each received frame, in the skb's control buffer (cb). AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT IEEE80211_RX_(9)

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IEEE80211_HW(9) The basic mac80211 driver inte STRUCT IEEE80211_HW(9) NAME
struct_ieee80211_hw - hardware information and state SYNOPSIS
struct ieee80211_hw { struct ieee80211_conf conf; struct wiphy * wiphy; const char * rate_control_algorithm; void * priv; u32 flags; unsigned int extra_tx_headroom; int channel_change_time; int vif_data_size; int sta_data_size; u16 queues; u16 max_listen_interval; s8 max_signal; u8 max_rates; u8 max_rate_tries; }; MEMBERS
conf struct ieee80211_conf, device configuration, don't use. wiphy This points to the struct wiphy allocated for this 802.11 PHY. You must fill in the perm_addr and dev members of this structure using SET_IEEE80211_DEV and SET_IEEE80211_PERM_ADDR. Additionally, all supported bands (with channels, bitrates) are registered here. rate_control_algorithm rate control algorithm for this hardware. If unset (NULL), the default algorithm will be used. Must be set before calling ieee80211_register_hw. priv pointer to private area that was allocated for driver use along with this structure. flags hardware flags, see enum ieee80211_hw_flags. extra_tx_headroom headroom to reserve in each transmit skb for use by the driver (e.g. for transmit headers.) channel_change_time time (in microseconds) it takes to change channels. vif_data_size size (in bytes) of the drv_priv data area within struct ieee80211_vif. sta_data_size size (in bytes) of the drv_priv data area within struct ieee80211_sta. queues number of available hardware transmit queues for data packets. WMM/QoS requires at least four, these queues need to have configurable access parameters. max_listen_interval max listen interval in units of beacon interval that HW supports max_signal Maximum value for signal (rssi) in RX information, used only when IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_UNSPEC or IEEE80211_HW_SIGNAL_DB max_rates maximum number of alternate rate retry stages max_rate_tries maximum number of tries for each stage DESCRIPTION
This structure contains the configuration and hardware information for an 802.11 PHY. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 2.6. July 2010 STRUCT IEEE80211_HW(9)
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