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struct_cfg80211_crypto_settings(9) [centos man page]

CFG80211_CRYP(9) Actions and configuration STRUCT CFG80211_CRYP(9) NAME
struct_cfg80211_crypto_settings - Crypto settings SYNOPSIS
struct cfg80211_crypto_settings { u32 wpa_versions; u32 cipher_group; int n_ciphers_pairwise; u32 ciphers_pairwise[NL80211_MAX_NR_CIPHER_SUITES]; int n_akm_suites; u32 akm_suites[NL80211_MAX_NR_AKM_SUITES]; bool control_port; __be16 control_port_ethertype; bool control_port_no_encrypt; }; MEMBERS
wpa_versions indicates which, if any, WPA versions are enabled (from enum nl80211_wpa_versions) cipher_group group key cipher suite (or 0 if unset) n_ciphers_pairwise number of AP supported unicast ciphers ciphers_pairwise[NL80211_MAX_NR_CIPHER_SUITES] unicast key cipher suites n_akm_suites number of AKM suites akm_suites[NL80211_MAX_NR_AKM_SUITES] AKM suites control_port Whether user space controls IEEE 802.1X port, i.e., sets/clears NL80211_STA_FLAG_AUTHORIZED. If true, the driver is required to assume that the port is unauthorized until authorized by user space. Otherwise, port is marked authorized by default. control_port_ethertype the control port protocol that should be allowed through even on unauthorized ports control_port_no_encrypt TRUE to prevent encryption of control port protocol frames. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CFG80211_CRYP(9)

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CFG80211_SCAN(9) Scanning and BSS list handling STRUCT CFG80211_SCAN(9) NAME
struct_cfg80211_scan_request - scan request description SYNOPSIS
struct cfg80211_scan_request { struct cfg80211_ssid * ssids; int n_ssids; u32 n_channels; const u8 * ie; size_t ie_len; u32 flags; u32 rates[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]; struct wireless_dev * wdev; struct wiphy * wiphy; unsigned long scan_start; bool aborted; bool no_cck; struct ieee80211_channel * channels[0]; }; MEMBERS
ssids SSIDs to scan for (active scan only) n_ssids number of SSIDs n_channels total number of channels to scan ie optional information element(s) to add into Probe Request or NULL ie_len length of ie in octets flags bit field of flags controlling operation rates[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS] bitmap of rates to advertise for each band wdev the wireless device to scan for wiphy the wiphy this was for scan_start time (in jiffies) when the scan started aborted (internal) scan request was notified as aborted no_cck used to send probe requests at non CCK rate in 2GHz band channels[0] channels to scan on. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CFG80211_SCAN(9)
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