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struct_cfg80211_ap_settings(9) [centos man page]

CFG80211_AP_S(9) Actions and configuration STRUCT CFG80211_AP_S(9) NAME
struct_cfg80211_ap_settings - AP configuration SYNOPSIS
struct cfg80211_ap_settings { struct cfg80211_chan_def chandef; struct cfg80211_beacon_data beacon; int beacon_interval; int dtim_period; const u8 * ssid; size_t ssid_len; enum nl80211_hidden_ssid hidden_ssid; struct cfg80211_crypto_settings crypto; bool privacy; enum nl80211_auth_type auth_type; int inactivity_timeout; u8 p2p_ctwindow; bool p2p_opp_ps; const struct cfg80211_acl_data * acl; bool radar_required; }; MEMBERS
chandef defines the channel to use beacon beacon data beacon_interval beacon interval dtim_period DTIM period ssid SSID to be used in the BSS (note: may be NULL if not provided from user space) ssid_len length of ssid hidden_ssid whether to hide the SSID in Beacon/Probe Response frames crypto crypto settings privacy the BSS uses privacy auth_type Authentication type (algorithm) inactivity_timeout time in seconds to determine station's inactivity. p2p_ctwindow P2P CT Window p2p_opp_ps P2P opportunistic PS acl ACL configuration used by the drivers which has support for MAC address based access control radar_required set if radar detection is required DESCRIPTION
Used to configure an AP interface. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <johannes@sipsolutions.net> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CFG80211_AP_S(9)

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CFG80211_IBSS(9) Actions and configuration STRUCT CFG80211_IBSS(9) NAME
struct_cfg80211_ibss_params - IBSS parameters SYNOPSIS
struct cfg80211_ibss_params { u8 * ssid; u8 * bssid; struct cfg80211_chan_def chandef; u8 * ie; u8 ssid_len; u8 ie_len; u16 beacon_interval; u32 basic_rates; bool channel_fixed; bool privacy; bool control_port; int mcast_rate[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS]; }; MEMBERS
ssid The SSID, will always be non-null. bssid Fixed BSSID requested, maybe be NULL, if set do not search for IBSSs with a different BSSID. chandef defines the channel to use if no other IBSS to join can be found ie information element(s) to include in the beacon ssid_len The length of the SSID, will always be non-zero. ie_len length of that beacon_interval beacon interval to use basic_rates bitmap of basic rates to use when creating the IBSS channel_fixed The channel should be fixed -- do not search for IBSSs to join on other channels. privacy this is a protected network, keys will be configured after joining control_port whether user space controls IEEE 802.1X port, i.e., sets/clears NL80211_STA_FLAG_AUTHORIZED. If true, the driver is required to assume that the port is unauthorized until authorized by user space. Otherwise, port is marked authorized by default. mcast_rate[IEEE80211_NUM_BANDS] per-band multicast rate index + 1 (0: disabled) DESCRIPTION
This structure defines the IBSS parameters for the join_ibss method. AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <johannes@sipsolutions.net> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CFG80211_IBSS(9)
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