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struct_ccwgroup_driver(9) [centos man page]

struct_ccwgroup_driver - driver for ccw group devices SYNOPSIS
struct ccwgroup_driver { int (* setup) (struct ccwgroup_device *); void (* remove) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* set_online) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* set_offline) (struct ccwgroup_device *); void (* shutdown) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* prepare) (struct ccwgroup_device *); void (* complete) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* freeze) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* thaw) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* restore) (struct ccwgroup_device *); struct device_driver driver; }; MEMBERS
setup function called during device creation to setup the device remove function called on remove set_online function called when device is set online set_offline function called when device is set offline shutdown function called when device is shut down prepare prepare for pm state transition complete undo work done in prepare freeze callback for freezing during hibernation snapshotting thaw undo work done in freeze restore callback for restoring after hibernation driver embedded driver structure AUTHOR
Cornelia Huck <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CCWGROUP_DRIV(9)

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SPI_DRIVER(9) Serial Peripheral Interface (S STRUCT SPI_DRIVER(9) NAME
struct_spi_driver - Host side "protocol" driver SYNOPSIS
struct spi_driver { const struct spi_device_id * id_table; int (* probe) (struct spi_device *spi); int (* remove) (struct spi_device *spi); void (* shutdown) (struct spi_device *spi); int (* suspend) (struct spi_device *spi, pm_message_t mesg); int (* resume) (struct spi_device *spi); struct device_driver driver; }; MEMBERS
id_table List of SPI devices supported by this driver probe Binds this driver to the spi device. Drivers can verify that the device is actually present, and may need to configure characteristics (such as bits_per_word) which weren't needed for the initial configuration done during system setup. remove Unbinds this driver from the spi device shutdown Standard shutdown callback used during system state transitions such as powerdown/halt and kexec suspend Standard suspend callback used during system state transitions resume Standard resume callback used during system state transitions driver SPI device drivers should initialize the name and owner field of this structure. DESCRIPTION
This represents the kind of device driver that uses SPI messages to interact with the hardware at the other end of a SPI link. It's called a "protocol" driver because it works through messages rather than talking directly to SPI hardware (which is what the underlying SPI controller driver does to pass those messages). These protocols are defined in the specification for the device(s) supported by the driver. As a rule, those device protocols represent the lowest level interface supported by a driver, and it will support upper level interfaces too. Examples of such upper levels include frameworks like MTD, networking, MMC, RTC, filesystem character device nodes, and hardware monitoring. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT SPI_DRIVER(9)
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