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struct_ccwgroup_driver(9) [centos man page]

struct_ccwgroup_driver - driver for ccw group devices SYNOPSIS
struct ccwgroup_driver { int (* setup) (struct ccwgroup_device *); void (* remove) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* set_online) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* set_offline) (struct ccwgroup_device *); void (* shutdown) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* prepare) (struct ccwgroup_device *); void (* complete) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* freeze) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* thaw) (struct ccwgroup_device *); int (* restore) (struct ccwgroup_device *); struct device_driver driver; }; MEMBERS
setup function called during device creation to setup the device remove function called on remove set_online function called when device is set online set_offline function called when device is set offline shutdown function called when device is shut down prepare prepare for pm state transition complete undo work done in prepare freeze callback for freezing during hibernation snapshotting thaw undo work done in freeze restore callback for restoring after hibernation driver embedded driver structure AUTHOR
Cornelia Huck <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CCWGROUP_DRIV(9)

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DEVICE_DRIVER(9) Device drivers infrastructure STRUCT DEVICE_DRIVER(9) NAME
struct_device_driver - The basic device driver structure SYNOPSIS
struct device_driver { const char * name; struct bus_type * bus; struct module * owner; const char * mod_name; bool suppress_bind_attrs; const struct of_device_id * of_match_table; const struct acpi_device_id * acpi_match_table; int (* probe) (struct device *dev); int (* remove) (struct device *dev); void (* shutdown) (struct device *dev); int (* suspend) (struct device *dev, pm_message_t state); int (* resume) (struct device *dev); const struct attribute_group ** groups; const struct dev_pm_ops * pm; struct driver_private * p; }; MEMBERS
name Name of the device driver. bus The bus which the device of this driver belongs to. owner The module owner. mod_name Used for built-in modules. suppress_bind_attrs Disables bind/unbind via sysfs. of_match_table The open firmware table. acpi_match_table The ACPI match table. probe Called to query the existence of a specific device, whether this driver can work with it, and bind the driver to a specific device. remove Called when the device is removed from the system to unbind a device from this driver. shutdown Called at shut-down time to quiesce the device. suspend Called to put the device to sleep mode. Usually to a low power state. resume Called to bring a device from sleep mode. groups Default attributes that get created by the driver core automatically. pm Power management operations of the device which matched this driver. p Driver core's private data, no one other than the driver core can touch this. DESCRIPTION
The device driver-model tracks all of the drivers known to the system. The main reason for this tracking is to enable the driver core to match up drivers with new devices. Once drivers are known objects within the system, however, a number of other things become possible. Device drivers can export information and configuration variables that are independent of any specific device. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT DEVICE_DRIVER(9)
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