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struct_ccw_driver(9) [centos man page]

struct_ccw_driver - device driver for channel attached devices SYNOPSIS
struct ccw_driver { struct ccw_device_id * ids; int (* probe) (struct ccw_device *); void (* remove) (struct ccw_device *); int (* set_online) (struct ccw_device *); int (* set_offline) (struct ccw_device *); int (* notify) (struct ccw_device *, int); void (* path_event) (struct ccw_device *, int *); void (* shutdown) (struct ccw_device *); int (* prepare) (struct ccw_device *); void (* complete) (struct ccw_device *); int (* freeze) (struct ccw_device *); int (* thaw) (struct ccw_device *); int (* restore) (struct ccw_device *); enum uc_todo (* uc_handler) (struct ccw_device *, struct irb *); struct device_driver driver; enum interruption_class int_class; }; MEMBERS
ids ids supported by this driver probe function called on probe remove function called on remove set_online called when setting device online set_offline called when setting device offline notify notify driver of device state changes path_event notify driver of channel path events shutdown called at device shutdown prepare prepare for pm state transition complete undo work done in prepare freeze callback for freezing during hibernation snapshotting thaw undo work done in freeze restore callback for restoring after hibernation uc_handler callback for unit check handler driver embedded device driver structure int_class interruption class to use for accounting interrupts AUTHOR
Cornelia Huck <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT CCW_DRIVER(9)

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CCW_DEVICE_START_TIM(9) 					    The ccw bus 					   CCW_DEVICE_START_TIM(9)

ccw_device_start_timeout - start a s390 channel program with timeout SYNOPSIS
int ccw_device_start_timeout(struct ccw_device * cdev, struct ccw1 * cpa, unsigned long intparm, __u8 lpm, unsigned long flags, int expires); ARGUMENTS
cdev target ccw device cpa logical start address of channel program intparm user specific interruption parameter; will be presented back to cdev's interrupt handler. Allows a device driver to associate the interrupt with a particular I/O request. lpm defines the channel path to be used for a specific I/O request. A value of 0 will make cio use the opm. flags additional flags; defines the action to be performed for I/O processing. expires timeout value in jiffies DESCRIPTION
Start a S/390 channel program. When the interrupt arrives, the IRQ handler is called, either immediately, delayed (dev-end missing, or sense required) or never (no IRQ handler registered). This function notifies the device driver if the channel program has not completed during the time specified by expires. If a timeout occurs, the channel program is terminated via xsch, hsch or csch, and the device's interrupt handler will be called with an irb containing ERR_PTR(-ETIMEDOUT). RETURNS
0, if the operation was successful; -EBUSY, if the device is busy, or status pending; -EACCES, if no path specified in lpm is operational; -ENODEV, if the device is not operational. CONTEXT
Interrupts disabled, ccw device lock held AUTHOR
Cornelia Huck <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 CCW_DEVICE_START_TIM(9)
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