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strcspn(9) [centos man page]

STRCSPN(9)						     Basic C Library Functions							STRCSPN(9)

strcspn - Calculate the length of the initial substring of s which does not contain letters in reject SYNOPSIS
size_t strcspn(const char * s, const char * reject); ARGUMENTS
s The string to be searched reject The string to avoid COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRCSPN(9)

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STRCSPN(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						STRCSPN(3)

strcspn -- span the complement of a string LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <string.h> size_t strcspn(const char *s, const char *charset); DESCRIPTION
The strcspn() function spans the initial part of the nul-terminated string s as long as the characters from s do not occur in string charset (it spans the complement of charset). RETURN VALUES
The strcspn() function returns the number of characters spanned. EXAMPLES
The following call to strcspn() will return 3, since the first three characters of string s do not occur in string charset: char *s = "foobar"; char *charset = "bar"; size_t span; span = strcspn(s, charset); SEE ALSO
index(3), memchr(3), rindex(3), strchr(3), strpbrk(3), strrchr(3), strsep(3), strspn(3), strstr(3), strtok(3) STANDARDS
The strcspn() function conforms to ANSI X3.159-1989 (``ANSI C89''). BSD
August 11, 2002 BSD
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