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skip_spaces(9) [centos man page]

SKIP_SPACES(9)						     Basic C Library Functions						    SKIP_SPACES(9)

skip_spaces - Removes leading whitespace from str. SYNOPSIS
char * skip_spaces(const char * str); ARGUMENTS
str The string to be stripped. DESCRIPTION
Returns a pointer to the first non-whitespace character in str. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 SKIP_SPACES(9)

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curs_instr(3X)															    curs_instr(3X)

instr, innstr, winstr, winnstr, mvinstr, mvinnstr, mvwinstr, mvwinnstr - get a string of characters from a curses window SYNOPSIS
#include <curses.h> int instr(char *str); int innstr(char *str, int n); int winstr(WINDOW *win, char *str); int winnstr(WINDOW *win, char *str, int n); int mvinstr(int y, int x, char *str); int mvinnstr(int y, int x, char *str, int n); int mvwinstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, char *str); int mvwinnstr(WINDOW *win, int y, int x, char *str, int n); DESCRIPTION
These routines return a string of characters in str, extracted starting at the current cursor position in the named window. Attributes are stripped from the characters. The four functions with n as the last argument return a leading substring at most n characters long (exclu- sive of the trailing NUL). RETURN VALUE
All of the functions return ERR upon failure, or the number of characters actually read into the string. X/Open defines no error conditions. In this implementation, if the window parameter is null or the str parameter is null, a zero is returned. NOTES
Note that all routines except winnstr may be macros. PORTABILITY
SVr4 does not document whether a length limit includes or excludes the trailing NUL. The ncurses library extends the XSI description by allowing a negative value for n. In this case, the functions return the string ending at the right margin. SEE ALSO
curses(3X). curs_instr(3X)
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