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sk_filter(9) [centos man page]

SK_FILTER(9)							 Linux Networking						      SK_FILTER(9)

sk_filter - run a packet through a socket filter SYNOPSIS
int sk_filter(struct sock * sk, struct sk_buff * skb); ARGUMENTS
sk sock associated with sk_buff skb buffer to filter DESCRIPTION
Run the filter code and then cut skb->data to correct size returned by sk_run_filter. If pkt_len is 0 we toss packet. If skb->len is smaller than pkt_len we keep whole skb->data. This is the socket level wrapper to sk_run_filter. It returns 0 if the packet should be accepted or -EPERM if the packet should be tossed. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 SK_FILTER(9)

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IEEE80211_TX_(9) Rate control interface STRUCT IEEE80211_TX_(9) NAME
struct_ieee80211_tx_rate_control - rate control information for/from RC algo SYNOPSIS
struct ieee80211_tx_rate_control { struct ieee80211_hw * hw; struct ieee80211_supported_band * sband; struct ieee80211_bss_conf * bss_conf; struct sk_buff * skb; struct ieee80211_tx_rate reported_rate; bool rts; bool short_preamble; u8 max_rate_idx; u32 rate_idx_mask; u8 * rate_idx_mcs_mask; bool bss; }; MEMBERS
hw The hardware the algorithm is invoked for. sband The band this frame is being transmitted on. bss_conf the current BSS configuration skb the skb that will be transmitted, the control information in it needs to be filled in reported_rate The rate control algorithm can fill this in to indicate which rate should be reported to userspace as the current rate and used for rate calculations in the mesh network. rts whether RTS will be used for this frame because it is longer than the RTS threshold short_preamble whether mac80211 will request short-preamble transmission if the selected rate supports it max_rate_idx user-requested maximum (legacy) rate (deprecated; this will be removed once drivers get updated to use rate_idx_mask) rate_idx_mask user-requested (legacy) rate mask rate_idx_mcs_mask user-requested MCS rate mask (NULL if not in use) bss whether this frame is sent out in AP or IBSS mode AUTHOR
Johannes Berg <> Author. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 STRUCT IEEE80211_TX_(9)
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