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set_bit(9) [centos man page]

SET_BIT(9)						     Basic C Library Functions							SET_BIT(9)

set_bit - Atomically set a bit in memory SYNOPSIS
void set_bit(unsigned int nr, volatile unsigned long * addr); ARGUMENTS
nr the bit to set addr the address to start counting from DESCRIPTION
This function is atomic and may not be reordered. See __set_bit if you do not require the atomic guarantees. NOTE
there are no guarantees that this function will not be reordered on non x86 architectures, so if you are writing portable code, make sure not to rely on its reordering guarantees. Note that nr may be almost arbitrarily large; this function is not restricted to acting on a single-word quantity. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 SET_BIT(9)

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ATOMIC_DEC(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					     ATOMIC_DEC(3)

atomic_dec, atomic_dec_32, atomic_dec_uint, atomic_dec_ulong, atomic_dec_ptr, atomic_dec_64, atomic_dec_32_nv, atomic_dec_uint_nv, atomic_dec_ulong_nv, atomic_dec_ptr_nv, atomic_dec_64_nv -- atomic decrement operations SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/atomic.h> void atomic_dec_32(volatile uint32_t *ptr); void atomic_dec_uint(volatile unsigned int *ptr); void atomic_dec_ulong(volatile unsigned long *ptr); void atomic_dec_ptr(volatile void *ptr); void atomic_dec_64(volatile uint64_t *ptr); uint32_t atomic_dec_32_nv(volatile uint32_t *ptr); unsigned int atomic_dec_uint_nv(volatile unsigned int *ptr); unsigned long atomic_dec_ulong_nv(volatile unsigned long *ptr); void * atomic_dec_ptr_nv(volatile void *ptr); uint64_t atomic_dec_64_nv(volatile uint64_t *ptr); DESCRIPTION
The atomic_dec family of functions decrement (by one) the variable referenced by ptr in an atomic fashion. The *_nv() variants of these functions return the new value. The 64-bit variants of these functions are available only on platforms that can support atomic 64-bit memory access. Applications can check for the availability of 64-bit atomic memory operations by testing if the pre-processor macro __HAVE_ATOMIC64_OPS is defined. SEE ALSO
atomic_ops(3) HISTORY
The atomic_dec functions first appeared in NetBSD 5.0. BSD
April 11, 2007 BSD
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