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rpc_call_sync(9) [centos man page]

RPC_CALL_SYNC(9)						 Linux Networking						  RPC_CALL_SYNC(9)

rpc_call_sync - Perform a synchronous RPC call SYNOPSIS
int rpc_call_sync(struct rpc_clnt * clnt, const struct rpc_message * msg, int flags); ARGUMENTS
clnt pointer to RPC client msg RPC call parameters flags RPC call flags COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 RPC_CALL_SYNC(9)

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tapset::rpc(3stap)														tapset::rpc(3stap)

tapset::rpc - systemtap rpc tapset DESCRIPTION
sunrpc.clnt.create_client Create an RPC client See probe::sunrpc.clnt.create_client(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.clone_client Clone an RPC client structure See probe::sunrpc.clnt.clone_client(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client Shutdown an RPC client See probe::sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.bind_new_program Bind a new RPC program to an existing client See probe::sunrpc.clnt.bind_new_program(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.call_sync Make a synchronous RPC call See probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_sync(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.call_async Make an asynchronous RPC call See probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_async(3stap) for details. sunrpc.clnt.restart_call Restart an asynchronous RPC call See probe::sunrpc.clnt.restart_call(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.register Register an RPC service with the local portmapper See probe::sunrpc.svc.register(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.create Create an RPC service See probe::sunrpc.svc.create(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.destroy Destroy an RPC service See probe::sunrpc.svc.destroy(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.process Process an RPC request See probe::sunrpc.svc.process(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.authorise An RPC request is to be authorised See probe::sunrpc.svc.authorise(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.recv Listen for the next RPC request on any socket See probe::sunrpc.svc.recv(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.send Return reply to RPC client See probe::sunrpc.svc.send(3stap) for details. sunrpc.svc.drop Drop RPC request See probe::sunrpc.svc.drop(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.new_task Create new task for the specified client See probe::sunrpc.sched.new_task(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.release_task Release all resources associated with a task See probe::sunrpc.sched.release_task(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.execute Execute the RPC `scheduler' See probe::sunrpc.sched.execute(3stap) for details. sunrpc.sched.delay Delay an RPC task See probe::sunrpc.sched.delay(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::sunrpc.clnt.create_client(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.clone_client(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.shutdown_client(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.bind_new_program(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_sync(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.call_async(3stap), probe::sunrpc.clnt.restart_call(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.register(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.create(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.destroy(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.process(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.authorise(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.recv(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.send(3stap), probe::sunrpc.svc.drop(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.new_task(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.release_task(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.execute(3stap), probe::sunrpc.sched.delay(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::rpc(3stap)
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