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register_netdev(9) [centos man page]

REGISTER_NETDEV(9)					      Network device support						REGISTER_NETDEV(9)

register_netdev - register a network device SYNOPSIS
int register_netdev(struct net_device * dev); ARGUMENTS
dev device to register DESCRIPTION
Take a completed network device structure and add it to the kernel interfaces. A NETDEV_REGISTER message is sent to the netdev notifier chain. 0 is returned on success. A negative errno code is returned on a failure to set up the device, or if the name is a duplicate. This is a wrapper around register_netdevice that takes the rtnl semaphore and expands the device name if you passed a format string to alloc_netdev. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 REGISTER_NETDEV(9)

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DEVICE_CREATE_VARGS(9)					   Device drivers infrastructure				    DEVICE_CREATE_VARGS(9)

device_create_vargs - creates a device and registers it with sysfs SYNOPSIS
struct device * device_create_vargs(struct class * class, struct device * parent, dev_t devt, void * drvdata, const char * fmt, va_list args); ARGUMENTS
class pointer to the struct class that this device should be registered to parent pointer to the parent struct device of this new device, if any devt the dev_t for the char device to be added drvdata the data to be added to the device for callbacks fmt string for the device's name args va_list for the device's name DESCRIPTION
This function can be used by char device classes. A struct device will be created in sysfs, registered to the specified class. A "dev" file will be created, showing the dev_t for the device, if the dev_t is not 0,0. If a pointer to a parent struct device is passed in, the newly created struct device will be a child of that device in sysfs. The pointer to the struct device will be returned from the call. Any further sysfs files that might be required can be created using this pointer. Returns struct device pointer on success, or ERR_PTR on error. NOTE
the struct class passed to this function must have previously been created with a call to class_create. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 DEVICE_CREATE_VARGS(9)
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