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mptbase_sas_persist_operation(9) [centos man page]

MPTBASE_SAS_PERSIST_(9) 				       Message-based devices					   MPTBASE_SAS_PERSIST_(9)

mptbase_sas_persist_operation - Perform operation on SAS Persistent Table SYNOPSIS
int mptbase_sas_persist_operation(MPT_ADAPTER * ioc, u8 persist_opcode); ARGUMENTS
ioc Pointer to MPT_ADAPTER structure persist_opcode see below DESCRIPTION
MPI_SAS_OP_CLEAR_NOT_PRESENT - Free all persist TargetID mappings for devices not currently present. MPI_SAS_OP_CLEAR_ALL_PERSISTENT - Clear al persist TargetID mappings NOTE
Don't use not this function during interrupt time. Returns 0 for success, non-zero error COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 MPTBASE_SAS_PERSIST_(9)

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vblade-persist(8)					      System Manager's Manual						 vblade-persist(8)

vblade-persist - manage persistent exported ATA-over-Ethernet devices SYNOPSIS
vblade-persist ls [--no-header] vblade-persist setup shelf slot netif blockdev vblade-persist destroy shelf slot vblade-persist { start | stop | restart | auto | noauto } shelf slot vblade-persist { start | stop | restart | auto | noauto } all vblade-persist mac shelf slot { ls | clear } vblade-persist mac shelf slot { add | del } [ addr ... ] DESCRIPTION
The vblade-persist script is used to show and manipulate persistently-exported ATA-over-Ethernet devices. It has a simple subcommand syn- tax. Persistent AoE device exports can be configured to come up at boot time. For each running persistent AoE export, a symlink pointing to the backing device is created in /dev/etherd/, mirroring the devices seen by clients of the AoE device. MANAGEMENT SUBCOMMANDS
ls [--noheader] vblade-persist ls shows all existing persistent AoE exports. The columns of the output are, in order: AoE Shelf, AoE Slot, Network Inter- face, Backing Device, AutoStart, Status. AutoStart is either "auto" (start automatically at boot), or "noauto" (don't start automatically at boot). Status should be either "run" (running) or "down" (not running). The optional --no-header argument suppresses the header line. This may be convenient for machine-parseable output. setup shelf slot netif source vblade-persist setup creates a new persistent exported AoE block device. You must supply all four additional arguments. These are the same arguments supplied to vblade(8). You should specify source using an absolute path. New devices set up this way are noauto (not brought up automatically at boot) and down (not exported immediately). destroy shelf slot vblade-persist destroy halts any running exported AoE block device managed by vblade-persist and removes the service directory used to man- age it. start shelf slot stop shelf slot restart shelf slot These commands control a specific exported AoE device. Instead of specifying shelf and slot , you can also provide the special keyword all which will act on every exported AoE device. auto shelf slot noauto shelf slot These commands control whether a specific exported AoE device should be started automatically ( auto ) or not ( noauto ) at system boot time. Instead of specifying shelf and slot , you can also provide the special keyword all which will act on every exported AoE device. MAC-ADDRESS FILTERING You can use vblade-persist to restrict access to specific exports by MAC address, using the mac subcommand. mac shelf slot ls List all MAC addresses allowed to access the specified device, one per line. If the list is empty, no MAC address limits are imposed on this device. mac shelf slot clear Remove all MAC address filtering from the specified device. No MAC address limits will be imposed on this device. mac shelf slot add [ addr ... ] Add a MAC address (or more than one) to the list of allowed addresses for the specified device. Note that if there were no MAC addresses listed previously, this will enable MAC address filtering for the device. mac shelf slot del [ addr ... ] Remove a MAC address (or more than one) from the list of allowed addresses for the specific device. Note that if you remove all the MAC addresses from the list, this will disable MAC address filtering for the device. EXAMPLES
Set up /dev/sda2 as shelf 2, slot 3 on the network served by interface eth0. Make sure it starts automatically at boot, and start it up now: vblade-persist setup 2 3 eth0 /dev/sda2 vblade-persist auto 2 3 vblade-persist start 2 3 Limit that same export to MAC addresses aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff and 11:22:33:44:55:66: vblade-persist mac 2 3 add aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff 11:22:33:44:55:66 Remove all MAC address restrictions on the same export: vblade-persist mac 2 3 clear BUGS
You can't currently use the vblade-persist framework to export a device (or two) with the same shelf/slot identifier on two different net- work interfaces. DEPENDENCIES
The exports themselves are handled by vblade(8). Supervision of the exports and convenient management is enabled by runsv(8), from the runit suite. SEE ALSO
vblade(8), runsv(8) AUTHOR
Daniel Kahn Gillmor <> vblade-persist 2007-11-11 vblade-persist(8)
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