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iput(9) [centos man page]

IPUT(9) 							   The Linux VFS							   IPUT(9)

iput - put an inode SYNOPSIS
void iput(struct inode * inode); ARGUMENTS
inode inode to put DESCRIPTION
Puts an inode, dropping its usage count. If the inode use count hits zero, the inode is then freed and may also be destroyed. Consequently, iput can sleep. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 IPUT(9)

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matchpathcon_checkmatches(3)				     SELinux API documentation				      matchpathcon_checkmatches(3)

matchpathcon_checkmatches, matchpathcon_filespec_add, matchpathcon_filespec_destroy, matchpathcon_filespec_eval - check and report whether any specification index has no matches with any inode. Maintenance and statistics on inode associations. SYNOPSIS
#include <selinux/selinux.h> void matchpathcon_checkmatches(char *str); int matchpathcon_filespec_add(ino_t ino, int specind, const char *file); void matchpathcon_filespec_destroy(void); void matchpathcon_filespec_eval(void); DESCRIPTION
matchpathcon_checkmatches checks whether any specification has no matches and reports them. The str argument is used as a prefix for any warning messages. matchpathcon_filespec_add maintains an association between an inode ino and a specification index specind, and checks whether a conflicting specification is already associated with the same inode (e.g. due to multiple hard links). If so, then it uses the latter of the two speci- fications based on their order in the file context configuration. Returns the specification index used or -1 on error. matchpathcon_filespec_destroy destroys any inode associations that have been added, e.g. to restart for a new filesystem. matchpathcon_filespec_eval displays statistics on the hash table usage for the inode associations. RETURN VALUE
Returns zero on success or -1 otherwise. SEE ALSO
selinux(8), matchpathcon(3), matchpathcon_index(3), freecon(3), setfilecon(3), setfscreatecon(3) 21 November 2009 matchpathcon_checkmatches(3)
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