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inode_permission(9) [centos man page]

INODE_PERMISSION(9)						   The Linux VFS					       INODE_PERMISSION(9)

inode_permission - Check for access rights to a given inode SYNOPSIS
int inode_permission(struct inode * inode, int mask); ARGUMENTS
inode Inode to check permission on mask Right to check for (MAY_READ, MAY_WRITE, MAY_EXEC) DESCRIPTION
Check for read/write/execute permissions on an inode. We use fs[ug]id for this, letting us set arbitrary permissions for filesystem access without changing the "normal" UIDs which are used for other things. When checking for MAY_APPEND, MAY_WRITE must also be set in mask. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 INODE_PERMISSION(9)

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matchpathcon_checkmatches(3)				     SELinux API documentation				      matchpathcon_checkmatches(3)

matchpathcon_checkmatches, matchpathcon_filespec_add, matchpathcon_filespec_destroy, matchpathcon_filespec_eval - check and report whether any specification index has no matches with any inode. Maintenance and statistics on inode associations. SYNOPSIS
#include <selinux/selinux.h> void matchpathcon_checkmatches(char *str); int matchpathcon_filespec_add(ino_t ino, int specind, const char *file); void matchpathcon_filespec_destroy(void); void matchpathcon_filespec_eval(void); DESCRIPTION
matchpathcon_checkmatches checks whether any specification has no matches and reports them. The str argument is used as a prefix for any warning messages. matchpathcon_filespec_add maintains an association between an inode ino and a specification index specind, and checks whether a conflicting specification is already associated with the same inode (e.g. due to multiple hard links). If so, then it uses the latter of the two speci- fications based on their order in the file context configuration. Returns the specification index used or -1 on error. matchpathcon_filespec_destroy destroys any inode associations that have been added, e.g. to restart for a new filesystem. matchpathcon_filespec_eval displays statistics on the hash table usage for the inode associations. RETURN VALUE
Returns zero on success or -1 otherwise. SEE ALSO
selinux(8), matchpathcon(3), matchpathcon_index(3), freecon(3), setfilecon(3), setfscreatecon(3) 21 November 2009 matchpathcon_checkmatches(3)
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