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i2o_msg_nop_mfa(9) [centos man page]

I2O_MSG_NOP_MFA(9)					       Message-based devices						I2O_MSG_NOP_MFA(9)

i2o_msg_nop_mfa - Returns a fetched MFA back to the controller SYNOPSIS
void i2o_msg_nop_mfa(struct i2o_controller * c, u32 mfa); ARGUMENTS
c I2O controller from which the MFA was fetched mfa MFA which should be returned DESCRIPTION
This function must be used for preserved messages, because i2o_msg_nop also returns the allocated memory back to the msg_pool mempool. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 I2O_MSG_NOP_MFA(9)

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PROBCONS(1)							  Probcons Manual						       PROBCONS(1)

probcons - align multiple protein sequences and print to standard output SYNOPSIS
probcons is a tool for generating multiple alignments of protein sequences. Using a combination of probabilistic modeling and consistency-based alignment techniques, PROBCONS has achieved the highest accuracies of all alignment methods to date. On the BAliBASE benchmark alignment database, alignments produced by PROBCONS show statistically significant improvement over current programs, containing an average of 7% more correctly aligned columns than those of T-Coffee, 11% more correctly aligned columns than those of CLUSTAL W, and 14% more correctly aligned columns than those of DIALIGN. probcons aligns sequences provided in MFA format. This format consists of multiple sequences. Each sequence in MFA format begins with a single-line description, followed by lines of sequence data. The description line is distinguished from the sequence data by a greater-than (">") symbol in the first column. OPTIONS
-clustalw use CLUSTALW output format instead of MFA -c --consistency REPS use 0 <= REPS <= 5 (default: 2) passes of consistency transformation -ir --iterative-refinement REPS use 0 <= REPS <=1000 (default: 100) passes of iterative-refinement -pre --pre-training REPS use 0 <= REPS <= 20 (default: 0) rounds of pretraining -pairs generate all-pairs pairwise alignments -viterbi use Viterbi algorithm to generate all pairs (automatically enables -pairs) -v --verbose Report progress while aligning (default: off) -annot FILENAME write annotation for multiple alignment to FILENAME -t --train FILENAME compute EM transition probabilities, store in FILENAME (default: no training) -e --emissions also reestimate emission probabilities (default: off) -p --paramfile FILENAME read parameters from FILENAME (default: ) -a --alignment-order print sequences in alignment order rather than input order (default: off) SEE ALSO
o You can find more information in the manual of ProbCons, which is located in /usr/share/doc/probcons/manual.pdf in Debian systems. o An experimental version of ProbCons compiled with parameters estimated via unsupervised training on BRAliBASE, probcons-RNA(1), is also distributed in the ProbCons Debian package. o pc-makegnufile(1), pc-compare(1), pc-project(1), which are distributed separately in the probcons-extra package. REFERENCE
Please cite Do, C.B., Mahabhashyam, M.S.P., Brudno, M., and Batzoglou, S. 2005. PROBCONS: Probabilistic Consistency-based Multiple Sequence Alignment. Genome Research 15: 330-340. AUTHORS
Chuong Do <> Wrote probcons in collaboration with Michael Brudno in the research group of Serafim Batzoglou, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University. Charles Plessy <> Wrote this manpage in DocBook XML for the Debian distribution. COPYRIGHT
This program and its manpage are in the public domain. probcons 1.12 2007-04-04 PROBCONS(1)
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