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container_of(9) [centos man page]

CONTAINER_OF(9) 						   Driver Basics						   CONTAINER_OF(9)

container_of - cast a member of a structure out to the containing structure SYNOPSIS
container_of(ptr, type, member); ARGUMENTS
ptr the pointer to the member. type the type of the container struct this is embedded in. member the name of the member within the struct. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 CONTAINER_OF(9)

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XMapRequestEvent(3)						  XLIB FUNCTIONS					       XMapRequestEvent(3)

XMapRequestEvent - MapRequest event structure STRUCTURES
The structure for MapRequest events contains: typedef struct { int type; /* MapRequest */ unsigned long serial; /* # of last request processed by server */ Bool send_event; /* true if this came from a SendEvent request */ Display *display; /* Display the event was read from */ Window parent; Window window; } XMapRequestEvent; When you receive this event, the structure members are set as follows. The type member is set to the event type constant name that uniquely identifies it. For example, when the X server reports a GraphicsEx- pose event to a client application, it sends an XGraphicsExposeEvent structure with the type member set to GraphicsExpose. The display member is set to a pointer to the display the event was read on. The send_event member is set to True if the event came from a SendEvent protocol request. The serial member is set from the serial number reported in the protocol but expanded from the 16-bit least-significant bits to a full 32-bit value. The window member is set to the window that is most useful to toolkit dispatchers. The parent member is set to the parent window. The window member is set to the window to be mapped. SEE ALSO
XAnyEvent(3), XButtonEvent(3), XCreateWindowEvent(3), XCirculateEvent(3), XCirculateRequestEvent(3), XColormapEvent(3), XConfigureEvent(3), XConfigureRequestEvent(3), XCrossingEvent(3), XDestroyWindowEvent(3), XErrorEvent(3), XExposeEvent(3), XFocusChangeEvent(3), XGraphicsEx- poseEvent(3), XGravityEvent(3), XKeymapEvent(3), XMapEvent(3), XPropertyEvent(3), XReparentEvent(3), XResizeRequestEvent(3), XSelection- ClearEvent(3), XSelectionEvent(3), XSelectionRequestEvent(3), XUnmapEvent(3), XVisibilityEvent(3) Xlib - C Language X Interface X Version 11 libX11 1.6.0 XMapRequestEvent(3)
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