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COMPLETE(9)							   Driver Basics						       COMPLETE(9)

complete - signals a single thread waiting on this completion SYNOPSIS
void complete(struct completion * x); ARGUMENTS
x holds the state of this particular completion DESCRIPTION
This will wake up a single thread waiting on this completion. Threads will be awakened in the same order in which they were queued. See also complete_all, wait_for_completion and related routines. It may be assumed that this function implies a write memory barrier before changing the task state if and only if any tasks are woken up. COPYRIGHT
Kernel Hackers Manual 3.10 June 2014 COMPLETE(9)

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SELRECORD(9)						   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					      SELRECORD(9)

selrecord, selwakeup -- record and wakeup select requests SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/selinfo.h> void selrecord(struct thread *td, struct selinfo *sip); void selwakeup(struct selinfo *sip); DESCRIPTION
selrecord() and selwakeup() are the two central functions used by select(2), poll(2) and the objects that are being selected on. They handle the task of recording which threads are waiting on which objects and the waking of the proper threads when an event of interest occurs on an object. selrecord() records that the calling thread is interested in events related to a given object. If another thread is already waiting on the object a collision will be flagged in sip which will be later dealt with by selwakeup(). selrecord() acquires and releases sellock. selwakeup() is called by the underlying object handling code in order to notify any waiting threads that an event of interest has occurred. If a collision has occurred, selwakeup() will increment nselcoll, and broadcast on the global cv in order to wake all waiting threads so that they can handle it. If the thread waiting on the object is not currently sleeping or the wait channel is not selwait, selwakeup() will clear the TDF_SELECT flag which should be noted by select(2) and poll(2) when they wake up. The contents of *sip must be zeroed, such as by softc initialization, before any call to selrecord() or selwakeup(), otherwise a panic may occur. selwakeup() acquires and releases sellock and may acquire and release sched_lock. SEE ALSO
poll(2), select(2) AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Chad David <> and Alfred Perlstein <>. BSD
June 13, 2007 BSD
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