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SMPPPD(8)							      SMPPPD								 SMPPPD(8)

smpppd - SuSE Meta PPP Daemon DESCRIPTION
smpppd is a daemon that controls several internet connections. Use a frontend like cinternet , qinternet or kinternet to control the connections and retrieve status informations. Those frontends can also run on different hosts. The configuration of the dialup connections is done by YaST2 but there are some additional options available in the file /etc/smpppd.conf. smpppd is not intended for direct use. Use rcsmpppd instead. OPTIONS
These options are recognized by smpppd. --detach Detach from the controlling terminal. This is the default. --nodeatch Don't detach from the controlling terminal. -d, --debug Turn on debugging. --version Show program version and exit. --help Show help information and exit. BUGS
ISDN support is poor. SIGNALS
SIGHUP Reload the configuration. FILES
/etc/smpppd.conf Basic configuration. /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-* Configuration files for the interfaces. /etc/sysconfig/network/providers/* Configuration files for the providers. /var/run/smpppd/control Socket to communicate with local frontends. /var/run/smpppd/ifcfg-* Sockets to communicate with backends. SEE ALSO
kinternet, qinternet, accounting(1), cinternet(1), wvdial(1), smpppd.conf(5), pppd(8), smpppd-ifcfg(8). AUTHOR
Arvin Schnell <> SuSE September 2003 SMPPPD(8)

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SMPPPD-C.CONF(5)						      SMPPPD							  SMPPPD-C.CONF(5)

smpppd-c.conf - configuration file for smpppd frontends DESCRIPTION
When frontends of smpppd like cinternet , qinternet or kinternet want to connect the smpppd they may read the file /etc/smpppd-c.conf. The configuration file /etc/smpppd-c.conf has a simple file format with a key = value pair in each line. OPTIONS
sites = <list of sites> Tell the frontends where to find the smpppd. Frontends will try to connect to the smpppd in the order defined here. Possible sites are: local Connect to locally running smpppd (via socket in the local namespace). gateway Connect to smpppd running on the gateway. config-file Connect to smpppd as specified in this file. slp Connect to smpppd as retrived from the slp daemon (service location protocol). server = <server> Specifies the host on which the smpppd is running. port = <port> Specifies the port number of the smpppd. password = <password> The password to use for authentication at the smpppd, UTF-8 encoded for those who really care. SEE ALSO
kinternet, qinternet, cinternet(1), smpppd(8). AUTHOR
Arvin Schnell <> SuSE January 2004 SMPPPD-C.CONF(5)
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