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showmount(8) [centos man page]

SHOWMOUNT(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      SHOWMOUNT(8)

showmount - show mount information for an NFS server SYNOPSIS
showmount [ -adehv ] [ --all ] [ --directories ] [ --exports ] [ --help ] [ --version ] [ host ] DESCRIPTION
showmount queries the mount daemon on a remote host for information about the state of the NFS server on that machine. With no options showmount lists the set of clients who are mounting from that host. The output from showmount is designed to appear as though it were pro- cessed through ``sort -u''. OPTIONS
-a or --all List both the client hostname or IP address and mounted directory in host:dir format. This info should not be considered reliable. See the notes on rmtab in rpc.mountd(8). -d or --directories List only the directories mounted by some client. -e or --exports Show the NFS server's export list. -h or --help Provide a short help summary. -v or --version Report the current version number of the program. --no-headers Suppress the descriptive headings from the output. SEE ALSO
rpc.mountd(8), rpc.nfsd(8) BUGS
The completeness and accuracy of the information that showmount displays varies according to the NFS server's implementation. Because showmount sorts and uniqs the output, it is impossible to determine from the output whether a client is mounting the same directory more than once. AUTHOR
Rick Sladkey <> 6 October 1993 SHOWMOUNT(8)

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SHOWMOUNT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      SHOWMOUNT(8)

showmount -- show remote NFS mounts on host SYNOPSIS
showmount [-Ae36] [-a | -d] [host] DESCRIPTION
showmount shows status information about the NFS server on host. By default it prints the names of all hosts that have NFS file systems mounted on the host. See NFS: Network File System Protocol Specification, RFC 1094, Appendix A, and NFS: Network File System Version 3 Protocol Specification, Appendix I, for a detailed description of the protocol. -A Search for NFS servers advertised via Bonjour. -a List all mount points in the form: host:dirpath -d List directory paths of mount points instead of hosts. -e Show the host's exports list. -3 Use mount protocol Version 3, compatible with NFS Version 3. -6 Use only IPv6 addresses to contact servers. SEE ALSO
mount(1), mountd(8), nfsd(8), mDNSResponder(8) BUGS
The mount daemon running on the server only has an idea of the actual mounts, since the NFS server is stateless. showmount will only display the information as accurately as the mount daemon reports it. HISTORY
The showmount utility first appeared in 4.4BSD. 4th Berkeley Distribution September 26, 2010 4th Berkeley Distribution
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