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seunshare(8) [centos man page]

SEUNSHARE(8)							   User Commands						      SEUNSHARE(8)

seunshare - Run cmd with alternate homedir, tmpdir and/or SELinux context SYNOPSIS
seunshare [ -v ] [ -c ] [ -C ] [ -k ] [ -t tmpdir ] [ -h homedir ] [ -Z context ] -- executable [args] DESCRIPTION
Run the executable within the specified context, using the alternate home directory and /tmp directory. The seunshare command unshares from the default namespace, then mounts the specified homedir and tmpdir over the default homedir and /tmp. Finally it tells the kernel to execute the application under the specified SELinux context. -h homedir Alternate homedir to be used by the application. Homedir must be owned by the user. -t tmpdir Use alternate tempory directory to mount on /tmp. tmpdir must be owned by the user. -c --cgroups Use cgroups to control this copy of seunshare. Specify parameters in /etc/sysconfig/sandbox. Max memory usage and cpu usage are to be specified in percent. You can specify which CPUs to use by numbering them 0,1,2... etc. -C --capabilities Allow apps executed within the namespace to use capabilities. Default is no capabilities. -k --kill Kill all processes with matching MCS level. -Z context Use alternate SELinux context while runing the executable. -v Verbose output SEE ALSO
runcon(1), sandbox(8), selinux(8) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Dan Walsh <> and Thomas Liu <> seunshare May 2010 SEUNSHARE(8)

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sandbox.conf(5) 					    Linux System Administration 					   sandbox.conf(5)

sandbox.conf - user config file for the SELinux sandbox DESCRIPTION
When running sandbox with the -C argument, it will be confined using control groups and a system administrator can specify how the sandbox is confined. Everything after "#" is ignored, as are empty lines. All arguments should be separated by and equals sign ("="). These keywords are allowed. NAME The name of the sandbox control group. Default is "sandbox". CPUAFFINITY Which cpus to assign sandbox to. The default is ALL, but users can specify a comma-separated list with dashes ("-") to rep- resent ranges. Ex: 0-2,5 MEMUSAGE How much memory to allow sandbox to use. The default is 80%. Users can specify either a percentage or a value in the form of a number followed by one of the suffixes K, M, G to denote kilobytes, megabytes or gigabytes respectively. Ex: 50% or 100M CPUUSAGE Percentage of cpu sandbox should be allowed to use. The default is 80%. Specify a value followed by a percent sign ("%"). Ex: 50% SEE ALSO
sandbox(8) AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Thomas Liu <> sandbox.conf June 2010 sandbox.conf(5)
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