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safe_finger(8) [centos man page]

SAFE_FINGER(8)						     Linux Programmer's Manual						    SAFE_FINGER(8)

safe_finger - finger client wrapper that protects against nasty stuff from finger servers SYNOPSIS
safe_finger [finger_options] DESCRIPTION
The safe_finger command protects against nasty stuff from finger servers. Use this program for automatic reverse finger probes from the tcp_wrapper (tcpd) , not the raw finger command. The safe_finger command makes sure that the finger client is not run with root privileges. It also runs the finger client with a defined PATH environment. safe_finger will also protect you from problems caused by the output of some finger servers. The problem: some programs may react to stuff in the first column. Other programs may get upset by thrash anywhere on a line. File systems may fill up as the finger server keeps sending data. Text editors may bomb out on extremely long lines. The finger server may take forever because it is somehow wedged. safe_finger takes care of all this badness. SEE ALSO
hosts_access(5), hosts_options(5), tcpd(8) AUTHOR
Wietse Venema, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands. Linux 21th June 1997 SAFE_FINGER(8)

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fprintd(1)																fprintd(1)

fprintd - Fingerprint management daemon, and test applications SYNOPSYS
fprintd-enroll [username] fprintd-list username [usernames...] fprintd-verify [-f finger] [usename] fprintd-delete username [usernames...] DESCRIPTION
This manual page documents briefly the fprintd command-line utilities. The fprintd daemon is accessed through D-Bus by those command-line utilities. ARGUMENTS
username The username for the user for which you want to query or modify the fingerprint database. Not that fprintd-list and fprintd-delete require at least one username to be passed, and support multiple usernames. fprintd-enroll and fprintd-verify will use the current username if none are passed on the command-line. -f finger For fprintd-enroll, the finger to enroll. Possible values are: left-thumb, left-index-finger, left-middle-finger, left-ring-finger, left-little-finger, right-thumb, right-index-finger, right- middle-finger, right-ring-finger, right-little-finger. The default is automatic, selecting the first available finger for swipe devices, or all the enrolled fingers, for press devices. TEST APPLICATIONS
fprintd-enroll Will enroll the user's right index finger into the database. fprintd-list Will list the user's enrolled fingerprints. fprintd-verify Will enroll the user's right index finger into the database. fprintd-enroll Will enroll the user's right index finger into the database. AUTHOR
fprintd was written by Bastien Nocera and Daniel Drake. DIRECTORIES
By default, fprintd stores the fingerprints in /var/lib/fprint/ SEE ALSO
dbus-daemon, gnome-about-me freedesktop 2014-06-10 fprintd(1)
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