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radcrypt(8) [centos man page]

RADCRYPT(8)						      System Manager's Manual						       RADCRYPT(8)

radcrypt - generate password hash for use with radius, or validates a password hash SYNOPSIS
radcrypt [-d|--des] [-m|--md5] [-c|--check] plaintext_password [hashed_password] DESCRIPTION
radcrypt generates a hashed digest of a plaintext password, or can validate if a password hash matches a plaintext password. DES and MD5 hashes are currently supported. When generating a password hash a random salt is generated and applied. A hashed password can be validated by specifying -c or --check and passing hashed_password after plaintext_password on the command line. In this case hashed_password will be checked to see if it matches plaintext_password. If so "Password OK" will be printed and the exit sta- tus will be 1, otherwise "Password BAD" will be printed and exit status will be 0 (Note this is the opposite of a normal successful shell status). OPTIONS
-d --des Use a DES (Data Encryption Standard) hash (default). Ignored if performing a password check. -m --md5 Use a MD5 (Message Digest 5) hash. Ignored if performing a password check. -c --check Perform a validation check on a password hash to verify if it matches the plantext password. EXAMPLES
$ radcrypt foobar HaX0xn7Qy650Q $ radcrypt -c foobar HaX0xn7Qy650Q Password OK SEE ALSO
radiusd(8), crypt(3) AUTHORS
Miquel van Smoorenburg <> RADCRYPT(8)

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password_verify - Verifies that a password matches a hash

boolean password_verify (string $password, string $hash) DESCRIPTION
Verifies that the given hash matches the given password. Note that password_hash(3) returns the algorithm, cost and salt as part of the returned hash. Therefore, all information that's needed to verify the hash is included in it. This allows the verify function to verify the hash without needing separate storage for the salt or algorithm information. PARAMETERS
o $password - The user's password. o $hash - A hash created by password_hash(3). RETURN VALUES
Returns TRUE if the password and hash match, or FALSE otherwise. EXAMPLES
Example #1 password_verify(3) example <?php // See the password_hash() example to see where this came from. $hash = '$2y$07$BCryptRequires22Chrcte/VlQH0piJtjXl.0t1XkA8pw9dMXTpOq'; if (password_verify('rasmuslerdorf', $hash)) { echo 'Password is valid!'; } else { echo 'Invalid password.'; } ?> The above example will output: Password is valid! SEE ALSO
password_hash(3), userland implementation. PHP Documentation Group PASSWORD_VERIFY(3)
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