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pam_timestamp_check(8) [centos man page]


pam_timestamp_check - Check to see if the default timestamp is valid SYNOPSIS
pam_timestamp_check [-k] [-d] [target_user] DESCRIPTION
With no arguments pam_timestamp_check will check to see if the default timestamp is valid, or optionally remove it. OPTIONS
-k Instead of checking the validity of a timestamp, remove it. This is analogous to sudo's -k option. -d Instead of returning validity using an exit status, loop indefinitely, polling regularly and printing the status on standard output. target_user By default pam_timestamp_check checks or removes timestamps generated by pam_timestamp when the user authenticates as herself. When the user authenticates as a different user, the name of the timestamp file changes to accommodate this. target_user allows to specify this user name. RETURN VALUES
0 The timestamp is valid. 2 The binary is not setuid root. 3 Invalid invocation. 4 User is unknown. 5 Permissions error. 6 Invalid controlling tty. 7 Timestamp is not valid. NOTES
Users can get confused when they are not always asked for passwords when running a given program. Some users reflexively begin typing information before noticing that it is not being asked for. EXAMPLES
auth sufficient verbose auth required session required session optional FILES
/var/run/sudo/... timestamp files and directories SEE ALSO
pam_timestamp_check(8), pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8) AUTHOR
pam_tally was written by Nalin Dahyabhai. Linux-PAM Manual 09/19/2013 PAM_TIMESTAMP_CHECK(8)

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PAM_TIMESTAMP(8)						 Linux-PAM Manual						  PAM_TIMESTAMP(8)

pam_timestamp - Authenticate using cached successful authentication attempts SYNOPSIS [timestamp_timeout=number] [verbose] [debug] DESCRIPTION
In a nutshell, pam_timestamp caches successful authentication attempts, and allows you to use a recent successful attempt as the basis for authentication. This is similar mechanism which is used in sudo. When an application opens a session using pam_timestamp, a timestamp file is created in the timestampdir directory for the user. When an application attempts to authenticate the user, a pam_timestamp will treat a sufficiently recent timestamp file as grounds for succeeding. OPTIONS
timestamp_timeout=number How long should pam_timestamp treat timestamp as valid after their last modification date (in seconds). Default is 300 seconds. verbose Attempt to inform the user when access is granted. debug Turns on debugging messages sent to syslog(3). MODULE TYPES PROVIDED
The auth and session module types are provided. RETURN VALUES
PAM_AUTH_ERR The module was not able to retrieve the user name or no valid timestamp file was found. PAM_SUCCESS Everything was successful. PAM_SESSION_ERR Timestamp file could not be created or updated. NOTES
Users can get confused when they are not always asked for passwords when running a given program. Some users reflexively begin typing information before noticing that it is not being asked for. EXAMPLES
auth sufficient verbose auth required session required session optional FILES
/var/run/sudo/... timestamp files and directories SEE ALSO
pam_timestamp_check(8), pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8) AUTHOR
pam_timestamp was written by Nalin Dahyabhai. Linux-PAM Manual 09/19/2013 PAM_TIMESTAMP(8)
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