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pam_rootok(8) [centos man page]

PAM_ROOTOK(8)							 Linux-PAM Manual						     PAM_ROOTOK(8)

pam_rootok - Gain only root access SYNOPSIS [debug] DESCRIPTION
pam_rootok is a PAM module that authenticates the user if their UID is 0. Applications that are created setuid-root generally retain the UID of the user but run with the authority of an enhanced effective-UID. It is the real UID that is checked. OPTIONS
debug Print debug information. MODULE TYPES PROVIDED
The auth, acct and password module types are provided. RETURN VALUES
In the case of the su(1) application the historical usage is to permit the superuser to adopt the identity of a lesser user without the use of a password. To obtain this behavior with PAM the following pair of lines are needed for the corresponding entry in the /etc/pam.d/su configuration file: # su authentication. Root is granted access by default. auth sufficient auth required SEE ALSO
su(1), pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8) AUTHOR
pam_rootok was written by Andrew G. Morgan, <>. Linux-PAM Manual 09/19/2013 PAM_ROOTOK(8)

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PAM_WHEEL(8)							 Linux-PAM Manual						      PAM_WHEEL(8)

pam_wheel - Only permit root access to members of group wheel SYNOPSIS [debug] [deny] [group=name] [root_only] [trust] DESCRIPTION
The pam_wheel PAM module is used to enforce the so-called wheel group. By default it permits root access to the system if the applicant user is a member of the wheel group. If no group with this name exist, the module is using the group with the group-ID 0. OPTIONS
debug Print debug information. deny Reverse the sense of the auth operation: if the user is trying to get UID 0 access and is a member of the wheel group (or the group of the group option), deny access. Conversely, if the user is not in the group, return PAM_IGNORE (unless trust was also specified, in which case we return PAM_SUCCESS). group=name Instead of checking the wheel or GID 0 groups, use the name group to perform the authentication. root_only The check for wheel membership is done only. trust The pam_wheel module will return PAM_SUCCESS instead of PAM_IGNORE if the user is a member of the wheel group (thus with a little play stacking the modules the wheel members may be able to su to root without being prompted for a passwd). MODULE TYPES PROVIDED
The auth and account module types are provided. RETURN VALUES
PAM_AUTH_ERR Authentication failure. PAM_BUF_ERR Memory buffer error. PAM_IGNORE The return value should be ignored by PAM dispatch. PAM_PERM_DENY Permission denied. PAM_SERVICE_ERR Cannot determine the user name. PAM_SUCCESS Success. PAM_USER_UNKNOWN User not known. EXAMPLES
The root account gains access by default (rootok), only wheel members can become root (wheel) but Unix authenticate non-root applicants. su auth sufficient su auth required su auth required SEE ALSO
pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(7) AUTHOR
pam_wheel was written by Cristian Gafton <>. Linux-PAM Manual 05/31/2011 PAM_WHEEL(8)
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