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ownership(8) [centos man page]

OWNERSHIP(8)						      System Manager's Manual						      OWNERSHIP(8)

ownership - Compaq ownership tag retriever SYNOPSIS
ownership retrieves and prints the "ownership tag" that can be set on Compaq computers. Contrary to all other programs of the dmidecode package, ownership doesn't print any version information, nor labels, but only the raw ownership tag. This should help its integration in scripts. OPTIONS
-d, --dev-mem FILE Read memory from device FILE (default: /dev/mem) -h, --help Display usage information and exit -V, --version Display the version and exit FILES
/dev/mem AUTHOR
Jean Delvare SEE ALSO
biosdecode(8), dmidecode(8), mem(4), vpddecode(8) dmidecode February 2005 OWNERSHIP(8)

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BIOSDECODE(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     BIOSDECODE(8)

biosdecode - BIOS information decoder SYNOPSIS
biosdecode parses the BIOS memory and prints information about all structures (or entry points) it knows of. Currently known entry point types are: o SMBIOS (System Management BIOS) Use dmidecode for a more detailed output. o DMI (Desktop Management Interface, a legacy version of SMBIOS) Use dmidecode for a more detailed output. o SYSID o PNP (Plug and Play) o ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) o BIOS32 (BIOS32 Service Directory) o PIR (PCI IRQ Routing) o 32OS (BIOS32 Extension, Compaq-specific) See ownership for a Compaq ownership tag retrieval tool. o SNY (Sony-specific, not decoded) o VPD (Vital Product Data, IBM-specific) Use vpddecode for a more detailed output. o FJKEYINF (Application Panel, Fujitsu-specific) biosdecode started its life as a part of dmidecode but as more entry point types were added, if was moved to a different program. OPTIONS
-d, --dev-mem FILE Read memory from device FILE (default: /dev/mem) -h, --help Display usage information and exit -V, --version Display the version and exit FILES
/dev/mem BUGS
Most of the time, biosdecode prints too much information (you don't really care about addresses) or not enough (because it doesn't follow pointers and has no lookup tables). AUTHORS
Alan Cox, Jean Delvare SEE ALSO
dmidecode(8), mem(4), ownership(8), vpddecode(8) dmidecode February 2007 BIOSDECODE(8)
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