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mcstransd(8)							 mcs documentation						      mcstransd(8)

mcstransd - MCS (Multiple Category System) daemon. Translates SELinux MCS/MLS labels to human readable form. SYNOPSIS
This manual page describes the mcstransd program. This daemon reads /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf and /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/secolors.conf configuration files, and communi- cates with libselinux via a socket in /var/run/setrans. It also watches for files created in /var/run/setrans and uses the contents of these files to generate translations to the names. For example writing a file /var/run/setrans/mydomain with content of s0:c1,c2 will cause mcstrans to translate s0:c1,c2 to mydomain. AUTHOR
This man page was written by Dan Walsh <>. The program was originally written by Dan Walsh <>. The pro- gram was enhanced/rwwritten by Joe Nall <>. FILES
/etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf SEE ALSO
mcs(8), 16 Oct 2009 mcstransd(8)

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setrans.conf(8) 					    setrans.conf documentation						   setrans.conf(8)

setrans.conf - translation configuration file for MCS/MLS SELinux systems DESCRIPTION
The /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf configuration file specifies the way that SELinux MCS/MLS labels are translated into human readable form by the mcstransd daemon. The default policies support 16 sensitivity levels (s0 through s15) and 1024 categories (c0 through c1023). Multiple categories can be separated with commas (c0,c1,c3,c5) and a range of categories can be shortened using dot notation (c0.c3,c5). Keywords Base once a base is declared, subsequent sensitivity label definitions will have all modifiers applied to them during translation. Sen- sitivity labels defined before the base declaration are immediately cached and no modifiers will be applied these are used as direct translations. Default defines the category bit range that will be used for inverse bits. Domain creates a new domain with the supplied name. Include read and process the contents of the specified configuration file. Join defines a character used to separate members of a modifier group when more than one is specified (ex. USA/AUS). ModifierGroup a means of grouping category bit definitions by how they modify the sensitivity label. Prefix word(s) that may proceed member(s) of a modifier group (ex. REL USA). Suffix word(s) that may follow member(s) of a modifier group (ex. USA EYES ONLY). Whitespace defines the set of acceptable white space characters that may be used in label being translated. Sensitivity Level Definition Examples s0=SystemLow defines a translation of s0 (the lowest sensitivity level) with no categories to SystemLow. s15:c0.c1023=SystemHigh defines a translation of s15:c0.c1023 to SystemHigh. c0.c1023 is shorthand for all categories. A colon separates the sensitivity level and categories. s0-s15:c0.c1023=SystemLow-SystemHigh defines a range translation of of s0-s15:c0.c1023 to SystemLow-SystemHigh. The two range components are separated by a dash. s0:c0=PatientRecord defines a translation of sensitivity s0 with category c0 to PatientRecord. s0:c1=Accounting defines a translation of sensitivity s0 with category c1 to Accounting. s2:c1,c2,c3=Confidential3Categories s2:c1.c3=Confidential3Categories both define a translation of sensitivity s2 with categories c1, c2 and c3 to Confidential3Categories. s5=TopSecret defines a translation of sensitivity s5 with no categories to TopSecret. Constraint Examples c0!c1 if category bits 0 and 1 are both set, the constraint will fail and the original context will be returned. c5.c9>c1 if category bits 5 through 9 are set, bit 1 must also be set or the constraint will fail and the original context will be returned. s1!c5,c9 if category bits 5 and 9 are set and the sensitivity level is s1, the constraint will fail and the original context will be returned. AUTHOR
Written by Joe Nall <>. Updated by Ted X. Toth <>. SEE ALSO
selinux(8), mcs(8), mls(8), chcon(1) FILES
/etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/setrans.conf /usr/share/mcstrans/examples 13 July 2010 setrans.conf(8)
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