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iprdump(8) [centos man page]

IPRDUMP(8)						      System Manager's Manual							IPRDUMP(8)

iprdump - IBM Power RAID adapter dump utility SYNOPSIS
iprdump [-d directory] iprdump --version --debug --use-polling --use-uevents DESCRIPTION
iprdump is used to gather information in the event of an adapter failure. The dump data will by default be saved in the /var/log/ direc- tory with the prefix iprdump.# where # will be the dump ID of the file. The ipr dump utility will make a log in the system error log when a dump is taken. The iprdump utility can be started at any time and will properly handle adapters being dynamically added and removed from the system. OPTIONS
--version Print the version number of iprdump --debug Enable additional error logging. Enabling this will result in additional errors logging to /var/log/messages. -d <directory> Directory where dump data is to be stored. Default is /var/log/. --use-polling Do not use netlink/uevent notification, but rather poll for adapter and device configuration changes. --use-uevents Use netlink/uevent notification rather than polling for adapter and device configuration changes. If not specified, polling will be used until the first uevent notification appears, then netlink will be used. AUTHOR
Originally written by Michael Anderson <>. Rewritten for the 2.6 kernel by Brian King <>. February 2005 IPRDUMP(8)

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CRASHINFO(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      CRASHINFO(8)

crashinfo -- analyze a core dump of the operating system SYNOPSIS
crashinfo [-d crashdir] [-n dumpnr] [-k kernel] [core] DESCRIPTION
The crashinfo utility analyzes a core dump saved by savecore(8). It generates a text file containing the analysis in the same directory as the core dump. For a given core dump file named vmcore.XX the generated text file will be named core.txt.XX. By default, crashinfo analyzes the most recent core dump in the core dump directory. A specific core dump may be specified via either the core or dumpnr arguments. Once crashinfo has located a core dump, it analyzes the core dump to determine the exact version of the kernel that generated the core. It then looks for a matching kernel file under each of the subdirectories in /boot. The location of the kernel file can also be explicitly provided via the kernel argument. Once crashinfo has located a core dump and kernel, it uses several utilities to analyze the core including dmesg(8), fstat(1), iostat(8), ipcs(1), kgdb(1), netstat(1), nfsstat(1), ps(1), pstat(8), and vmstat(8). The options are as follows: -d crashdir Specify an alternate core dump directory. The default crash dump directory is /var/crash. -n dumpnr Use the core dump saved in vmcore.dumpnr instead of the latest core in the core dump directory. -k kernel Specify an explicit kernel file. SEE ALSO
textdump(4), savecore(8) HISTORY
The crashinfo utility appeared in FreeBSD 6.4. BSD
June 28, 2008 BSD

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