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cache_check(8) [centos man page]

CACHE_CHECK(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    CACHE_CHECK(8)

cache_check - repair cache metadata on device or file SYNOPSIS
cache_check [options] {device|file} DESCRIPTION
cache_check checks cache metadata created by the device-mapper cache target on a device or file. OPTIONS
-q, --quiet Suppress output messages, return only exit code. -h, --help Print help and exit. -V, --version Output version information and exit. --super-block-only Only check the superblock is present. --skip-mappings Skip checking of the block mappings which make up the bulk of the metadata. --skip-hints Skip checking of the policy hint values metadata. --skip-discards Skip checking of the discard bits in the metadata. EXAMPLE
Analyses and repairs cache metadata on logical volume /dev/vg/metadata: cache_check /dev/vg/metadata The device may not be actively used by the target when running. DIAGNOSTICS
cache_check returns an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for error. SEE ALSO
cache_dump(8) cache_repair(8) cache_restore(8) AUTHOR
Joe Thornber <> Heinz Mauelshagen <> Red Hat, Inc. Thin Provisioning Tools CACHE_CHECK(8)

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CACHE_REPAIR(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   CACHE_REPAIR(8)

cache_repair - repair cache binary metadata from device/file to device/file SYNOPSIS
cache_repair [options] -i {device|file} -o {device|file} DESCRIPTION
cache_repair reads binary cache metadata created by the respective device-mapper target from one device or file , repairs it and writes it to another device or file. If written to a metadata device , the metadata can be processed by the device-mapper target. -i, --input {device|file} Input file or device with binary metadata. -o, --output {device|file} Output file or device for repaired binary metadata. -h, --help Print help and exit. -V, --version Output version information and exit. EXAMPLE
Reads the binary cache metadata from file metadata , repairs it and writes it to logical volume /dev/vg/metadata for further processing by the respective device-mapper target: cache_repair -i metadata -o /dev/vg/metadata DIAGNOSTICS
cache_repair returns an exit code of 0 for success or 1 for error. SEE ALSO
cache_dump(8) cache_check(8) cache_restore(8) AUTHOR
Joe Thornber <> Heinz Mauelshagen <> Red Hat, Inc. Thin Provisioning Tools CACHE_REPAIR(8)
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