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amrmtape(8) [centos man page]

AMRMTAPE(8)						  System Administration Commands					       AMRMTAPE(8)

amrmtape - remove a tape from the Amanda database SYNOPSIS
amrmtape [--changer changer-name] [--cleanup] [--dryrun] [-n] [--erase] [--keep-label] [--quiet] [-q] [--verbose] [-v] config label DESCRIPTION
Amrmtape invalidates the contents of an existing backup tape in the configuration database. This is meant as a recovery mechanism when a good backup is damaged either by faulty hardware or user error, e.g. the tape is eaten by the drive or is overwritten. See the amanda(8) man page for more details about Amanda. OPTIONS
--changer changer-name Specify which changer to use when erasing label --cleanup Remove logs and indexes associated with label. Otherwise, they'll remain until the next run of amdump. --dryrun, -n Generate new tapelist(5) and database files with label removed, but leave them in /tmp and do not update the original copies. --erase Attempt to erase the data contained on the volume with the given label. This requires that Amanda be able to find that volume using the tape changer. Erasure is not supported by all Amanda devices, and the erasure is not "secure" in the sense that the data can most likely be recovered by someone with the right tools. --keep-label Do not remove label from the tapelist. --verbose, -v List backups of hosts and disks that are being discarded. Enabled by default. --quiet, -q Opposite of -v. EXAMPLE
Remove tape labeled DAILY034 from the DailySet1 configuration. # amrmtape DailySet1 DAILY034 SEE ALSO
amanda(8), amadmin(8) The Amanda Wiki: : AUTHORS
Adrian T. Filipi-Martin <> Stefan G. Weichinger <> Amanda 3.3.3 01/10/2013 AMRMTAPE(8)

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AMLABEL(8)						  System Administration Commands						AMLABEL(8)

amlabel - label an Amanda tape SYNOPSIS
amlabel [--barcode barcode] [--meta meta-label] [--assign] [-f] [--version] [-o configoption...] config [label] [slot slot] DESCRIPTION
This command applies a label to an Amanda volume, erasing the volume in the process. Amanda uses labels to identify volumes: amdump(8) and amflush(8) verify the label before writing to make sure the proper volume is loaded, and the recovery programs use the label to ensure they are reading the data they expect. If no [slot] and no [barcode] is given, then amlabel labels the tape in the current slot of the default changer. If a slot is given, it labels the volume in that slot. If a barcode is given, it labels the volume with that barcode. Label may be any string that does not contain whitespace and that matches the labelstr (see amanda.conf(5)). If [label] is not given, an autolabel is generated, see autolabel in amanda.conf(5). If [--assign] is given, the barcode and meta-label are assigned to the label without labeling the volume. The label must already be in the tapelist file. This command also appends the new volume to the tapelist(5) file, so that they will be used in the order they are labeled (depending on the taperscan in use -- see amanda-taperscan(7)). As a precaution, amlabel will not write a label if the volume already contains an active label or if the label specified is on an active tape. The [-f] (force) flag bypasses these verifications. OPTIONS
--barcode barcode With [--assign], assign the barcode to the label. Without [--assign], label the volume with that barcode. --meta meta-label Assign the meta label to the label after labeling the volume. --assign Assign the barcode or meta-label to the label without labeling the volume. The label must already be in the tapelist file. -f Force the label operation; see above --version Output version information -o configoption See the "CONFIGURATION OVERRIDE" section in amanda(8). EXAMPLE
Write an Amanda label with the string "DMP000" on the current volume: % amlabel daily DMP000 Label the tape in slot 3 of the changer with the label "DMP003": % amlabel daily DMP003 slot 3 MESSAGES
Label 'label' doesn't match labelstr 'labelstr' The given label does not match the configured labelstr. Even with -f, this is an error. Label 'label' already on a volume The given label is already on another volume in the tapelist, and Amanda will not write it to this volume unless forced. Found label 'label', but it is not from configuration config. The label amlabel found on the volume does not match this configuration's labelstr, so it is probably part of a different Amanda configuration. Amanda will not overwrite the label unless it is forced. Volume with label 'label' contains data from this configuration. The label amlabel found on the volume still has valid data on it and Amanda will not overwrite it unless forced. Note that this does not distinguish between active and inactive volumes. SEE ALSO
amanda(8), amanda.conf(5), tapelist(5), amanda-taperscan(7), amdump(8), amflush(8) The Amanda Wiki: : AUTHORS
James da Silva <> Stefan G. Weichinger <> Dustin J. Mitchell <> Zmanda, Inc. ( Amanda 3.3.1 02/21/2012 AMLABEL(8)

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