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error::pass4(7stap) [centos man page]

ERROR::PASS4(7stap)													       ERROR::PASS4(7stap)

error::pass4 - systemtap pass-4 errors DESCRIPTION
Errors that occur during pass 4 (compilation) have generally only a few causes: kernel or OS version changes The systemtap runtime and embedded-C fragments in the tapset library are designed to be portable across a wide range of OS versions. However, incompatibilities can occur when some OS changes occur, such as kernel modifications that change functions, types, or macros referenced by systemtap. Upstream builds of systemtap are often quickly updated to include relevant fixes, so try getting or making an updated build. If the issue persists, report the problem to the systemtap developers. buggy embedded-C code Embedded-C code in your own guru-mode script cannot be checked by systemtap, and is passed through verbatim to the compiler. Errors in such snippets of code may be found during the pass-4 compiler invocation, though may be hard to identify by the compiler errors. incompatible embedded-C code The interface standards between systemtap-generated code and embedded-C code occasionally change. For example, before version 1.8, arguments were passed using macros THIS->foo and THIS->__retvalue but from version 1.8 onward, using STAP_ARG_foo and STAP_RETVALUE. Adjust your embedded-C code to current standards, or use the stap --compatible=VERSION option to make systemtap use a different one. GATHERING MORE INFORMATION
It may be necessary to run systemtap with -k or -p3 to examine the generated C code. Increasing the verbosity of pass-4 with an option such as --vp 0001 can also help pinpoint the problem. SEE ALSO
stap(1), error::reporting(7stap) ERROR::PASS4(7stap)

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ERROR::PASS1(7stap)													       ERROR::PASS1(7stap)

error::pass1 - systemtap pass-1 errors DESCRIPTION
Errors that occur during pass 1 (parsing) usually mean a basic syntax error of some sort occurred in the systemtap script. There are sev- eral classes of problems possible: plain syntax error The systemtap script parser detects a large variety of errors, such as missing operands, bad punctuation. It tries to list what kinds of tokens it was expecting to see, and will show the region of the source code with the problem. Please review the stap(1) man page and/or the tutorial, to correct the script's syntax. grammar ambiguities There is at least one known ambiguity in the systemtap grammar. It relates to the optionality of ; (semicolon) separators between statements, and the ++ and -- increment/decrement operators. If the parser indicates an error, consider adding some explicit ; sep- arators between nearby statements and try again. missing command line arguments A systemtap script that uses the $N and @N constructs for substituting in command-line options may fail if not enough options were given on the stap command line. compatibility changes Some versions of systemtap have changed the language incompatibly, for example by adding the try/catch keywords for exception han- dling. In such cases, rerun systemtap with the --compatibility=VERSION option, substituting the last systemtap version where your script was known to work. You may also check the release-history NEWS file for compatibility changes. GATHERING MORE INFORMATION
Increasing the verbosity of pass-1 with an option such as --vp 1 can help pinpoint the problem. SEE ALSO
stap(1), error::reporting(7stap) ERROR::PASS1(7stap)
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