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POM_ADD_PLUGIN(7)						Java Packages Tools						 POM_ADD_PLUGIN(7)

pom_add_plugin - add plugin invocation to POM file SYNOPSIS
%pom_add_plugin groupId*:*artifactId[*:*version] [POM-location] [extra-XML] DESCRIPTION
This macro patches specified POM file adding plugin invocation of given groupId and artifactId. groupId and artifactId are identifiers of Maven plugin artifact of which invocation is to be added. groupId may be ommited, in which case value of "org.apache.maven.plugins" is used as default. artifactId must be specified. If version is not specified then default value of "any" is used. POM location can be either a full path to the POM file, or a path to the directory containing pom.xml. If POM location is not given then pom.xml from current working directory is used. Extra XML is additional XML code to be added into the <plugin> node. This parameter can be ommited, in which case no extra XML is appended. EXAMPLES
%pom_add_plugin com.example:plugin foo - this call adds invocation of plugin com.example:plugin to foo/pom.xml. %pom_add_plugin :maven-compiler-plugin . "<target>1.5</target>" - this call adds invocation of Maven Compiler Plugin with target configured to 1.5. AUTHOR
Written by Mikolaj Izdebski. REPORTING BUGS
Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at SEE ALSO
pom_add_dep(7), pom_add_parent(7), pom_disable_module(7), pom_remove_dep(7), pom_remove_parent(7), pom_remove_plugin(7), pom_set_parent(7), pom_xpath_inject(7), pom_xpath_remove(7), pom_xpath_replace(7), pom_xpath_set(7). JAVAPACKAGES
06/10/2014 POM_ADD_PLUGIN(7)

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MAVEN(1)							   User Commands							  MAVEN(1)

Maven - Installs a POM file into /usr/share/maven-repo. SYNOPSIS
mh_installpom [option]... [pom] DESCRIPTION
Installs the POM file in /usr/share/maven-repo, at the correct location for Maven. Before installing the POM, it prepares it with mh_cleanpom. debian/maven.rules is used to alter the version properties for the library and its dependencies. Prefer to use mh_installpoms as it reuses the information in debian/$package.poms and avoids repetition. Where [pom] is the location of the POM file to install. GroupId, artifactId and version will be extracted from this file. OPTIONS
-h --help: show this text -V --version: show the version -p<package> --package=<package>: name of the Debian package which will contain this POM file -h --has-package-version: flag that indicates that this POM has the same version as the package, this helps packagers of depending packages -o --no-parent: don't inherit from a parent POM -k --keep-pom-version: keep the original version of the POM but convert all other versions in dependencies and plugins. If there is a parent POM, keeps its version except when the parent is already registered in the Maven repository -e<version>, --set-version=<version>: set the version for the POM, do not use the version declared in the POM file. -r<rules> --rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the rules to apply when cleaning the POM. Optional, the default location is debian/maven.rules -u<rules> --published-rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the extra rules to publish in the property debian.mavenRules in the cleaned POM. Optional, the default location is debian/ lishedRules -i<rules> --ignore-rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the rules used to remove certain dependencies from the cleaned POM Optional, the default location is debian/maven.ignoreRules -c<rules> --clean-ignore-rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the rules use to remove certain dependencies from the cleaned POM, in addition to the ignore rules specified previously. This is useful in situations such as when the Maven clean target requires more dependencies or plugins to ignore than the build target. All rules defined in clean-ignore-rules will be added to the existing rules in ignore-rules. Optional, the default location is debian/maven.cleanIgnoreRules -s --no-rules: don't apply any rules for converting versions, do not even convert versions to the default 'debian' version --no-publish-used-rule: don't publish the rule used to transform a POM's own attributes in debian.mavenRules --keep-elements=<elem1,elem2>: keep the elements listed here even if they are normally removed by the clean operation. Such elements are build,reports,reporting,prerequisites,profiles. -m<repo root>--maven-repo=<repo root>: location of the Maven repository, used to force the versions of the Maven plugins used in the current POM file with the versions found in the repository -v --verbose: show more information while running -n --no-act: don't actually do anything, just print the results -ignore-pom: read the POM but don't install it See also: mh_installpoms(1), mh_cleanpom(1) Maven Repo Helper version 1.7.1 January 2012 MAVEN(1)
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