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POM_ADD_DEP(7)							Java Packages Tools						    POM_ADD_DEP(7)

pom_add_dep - add dependency to POM file SYNOPSIS
%pom_add_dep groupId*:*artifactId[:*version[:*scope]] [POM-location] [extra-XML] %pom_add_dep_mgmt groupId:articId[:*version[:*scope]] [POM-location] [extra-XML] DESCRIPTION
These macros patch specified POM file adding a dependency on given version of artifactId from groupId, with given scope (if any). pom_add_dep adds the dependency to <dependencies> XML node, while pom_add_dep_mgmt adds it to dependencyManagement. groupId and artifactId are identifiers of Maven artifact on which dependency is to be added. They must be specified. If version is not specified then default value of "any" is used. If scope is not specified then no scope is defined (Maven defaults to "compile" in this case). POM location can be either a full path to the POM file, or a path to the directory containing pom.xml. If POM location is not given then pom.xml from current working directory is used. Extra XML is additional XML code to be added into the <dependency> node. This parameter can be ommited, in which case no extra XML is appended. EXAMPLES
%pom_add_dep foo:bar baz - this call adds dependency on artifact foo:bar to baz/pom.xml file. AUTHOR
Written by Mikolaj Izdebski. REPORTING BUGS
Bugs should be reported through Red Hat Bugzilla at SEE ALSO
pom_add_parent(7), pom_add_plugin(7), pom_disable_module(7), pom_remove_dep(7), pom_remove_parent(7), pom_remove_plugin(7), pom_set_parent(7), pom_xpath_inject(7), pom_xpath_remove(7), pom_xpath_replace(7), pom_xpath_set(7). JAVAPACKAGES
06/10/2014 POM_ADD_DEP(7)

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MAVEN(1)							   User Commands							  MAVEN(1)

Maven - Creates a link in /usr/share/maven-repo for an existing jar. SYNOPSIS
mh_linkjar [option]... [pom] [dest_jar] [link]... DESCRIPTION
Create symlinks for a jar installed by other means. The symlinks created include links to the jar in /usr/share/maven-repo, at the correct location for Maven. It can also create additional links to the jar, usually located in /usr/share/java. Where [pom] is the location of the POM associated with the jar to install. GroupId, artifactId and version will be extracted from this file. [dest_jar] is the path of the installed jar, usually located in the usr/share/java folder. [link] is an additional link to the jar to install, usually there should be a link to usr/share/java/$jar.jar and usr/share/java/$jar-$version.jar to comply with the Java packaging guidelines. Note that there is no need to specify those particular links if the --java-lib option is used. OPTIONS
-h --help: show this text -V --version: show the version -p<package> --package=<package>: name of the Debian package which will contain this jar file -e<version>, --set-version=<version>: set the version for the jar, do not use the version declared in the POM file. -r<rules> --rules=<rules>: path to the file containing the rules to apply when cleaning the POM. Optional, the default location is debian/maven.rules Maven rules are used here to extract the groupId, artifactId and version from the POM file. -l --java-lib: Optional, if given it will install the jar into /usr/share/java to comply with the Debian Java specification. The jar will be installed as /usr/share/java/$name-$version.jar and a versionless link /usr/share/java/$name.jar will point to it, as well as the links installed in /usr/share/maven-repo -n<name> --usj-name=<name>: Optional, the name to use when installing the library in /usr/share/java when --java-lib is used. Defaults to the artifact id found in the POM. -j<version> --usj-version=<version>: Optional, the version to use when installing the library in /usr/share/java when --java-lib is used. Defaults to the version found in the POM. -s --no-usj-versionless: Optional, don't install the versionless link in /usr/share/java. This flag is used only when the -l or --java-lib option is given. -c<classifier> --classifier=<classifier>: Optional, the classifier for the jar. Empty by default. -v --verbose: show more information while running -n --no-act: don't actually do anything, just print the results --skip-clean-pom: don't clean the pom, assume that a previous action ran mh_cleanpom with the correct options. mh_cleanpom is run only to extract the groupId, artifactId and version of the jar Maven Repo Helper version 1.7.1 January 2012 MAVEN(1)
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