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ocf_pacemaker_dummy(7) [centos man page]

OCF_PACEMAKER_DUMMY(7)					      Pacemaker Configuration					    OCF_PACEMAKER_DUMMY(7)

ocf_pacemaker_Dummy - Example stateless resource agent SYNOPSIS
OCF_RESKEY_state=string [OCF_RESKEY_fake=string] OCF_RESKEY_op_sleep=string Dummy [start | stop | monitor | reload | migrate_to | migrate_from | validate-all | meta-data] DESCRIPTION
This is a Dummy Resource Agent. It does absolutely nothing except keep track of whether its running or not. Its purpose in life is for testing and to serve as a template for RA writers. NB: Please pay attention to the timeouts specified in the actions section below. They should be meaningful for the kind of resource the agent manages. They should be the minimum advised timeouts, but they shouldn't/cannot cover _all_ possible resource instances. So, try to be neither overly generous nor too stingy, but moderate. The minimum timeouts should never be below 10 seconds. SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
OCF_RESKEY_state = string [/Dummy-{OCF_RESOURCE_INSTANCE}.state] State file Location to store the resource state in. OCF_RESKEY_fake = string [dummy] Fake attribute that can be changed to cause a reload Fake attribute that can be changed to cause a reload OCF_RESKEY_op_sleep = string [0] Operation sleep duration in seconds. Number of seconds to sleep during operations. This can be used to test how the cluster reacts to operation timeouts. AUTHOR
Andrew Beekhof <> Author. Pacemaker Configuration 06/10/2014 OCF_PACEMAKER_DUMMY(7)

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OCF_PACEMAKER_HEALTH(7) 				      Pacemaker Configuration					   OCF_PACEMAKER_HEALTH(7)

ocf_pacemaker_HealthSMART - SMART health status SYNOPSIS
OCF_RESKEY_state=string OCF_RESKEY_drives=string OCF_RESKEY_devices=string OCF_RESKEY_temp_lower_limit=string OCF_RESKEY_temp_upper_limit=string OCF_RESKEY_temp_warning=string HealthSMART [start | stop | monitor | meta-data | validate-all] DESCRIPTION
Systhem health agent that checks the S.M.A.R.T. status of the given drives and updates the #health-smart attribute. SUPPORTED PARAMETERS
OCF_RESKEY_state = string [/HealthSMART-{OCF_RESOURCE_INSTANCE}.state] State file Location to store the resource state in. OCF_RESKEY_drives = string [/dev/sda] Drives to check The drive(s) to check as a SPACE separated list. Enter the full path to the device, e.g. "/dev/sda". OCF_RESKEY_devices = string Device types The device type(s) to assume for the drive(s) being tested as a SPACE separated list. OCF_RESKEY_temp_lower_limit = string [0] Lower limit for the red smart attribute Lower limit of the temperature in deg C of the drive(s). Below this limit the status will be red. OCF_RESKEY_temp_upper_limit = string [60] Upper limit for red smart attribute Upper limit of the temperature if deg C of the drives(s). If the drive reports a temperature higher than this value the status of #health-smart will be red. OCF_RESKEY_temp_warning = string [5] Deg C below/above the upper limits for yellow smart attribute Number of deg C below/above the upper/lower temp limits at which point the status of #health-smart will change to yellow. AUTHOR
Andrew Beekhof <> Author. Pacemaker Configuration 06/10/2014 OCF_PACEMAKER_HEALTH(7)
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