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LOAD(7) 						  PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation						   LOAD(7)

LOAD - load a shared library file SYNOPSIS
This command loads a shared library file into the PostgreSQL server's address space. If the file has been loaded already, the command does nothing. Shared library files that contain C functions are automatically loaded whenever one of their functions is called. Therefore, an explicit LOAD is usually only needed to load a library that modifies the server's behavior through "hooks" rather than providing a set of functions. The file name is specified in the same way as for shared library names in CREATE FUNCTION (CREATE_FUNCTION(7)); in particular, one can rely on a search path and automatic addition of the system's standard shared library file name extension. See Section 35.9, "C-Language Functions", in the documentation for more information on this topic. Non-superusers can only apply LOAD to library files located in $libdir/plugins/ -- the specified filename must begin with exactly that string. (It is the database administrator's responsibility to ensure that only "safe" libraries are installed there.) COMPATIBILITY
LOAD is a PostgreSQL extension. SEE ALSO
CREATE FUNCTION (CREATE_FUNCTION(7)) PostgreSQL 9.2.7 2014-02-17 LOAD(7)

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MODULES-LOAD.D(5)						  modules-load.d						 MODULES-LOAD.D(5)

modules-load.d - Configure kernel modules to load at boot SYNOPSIS
/etc/modules-load.d/*.conf /run/modules-load.d/*.conf /usr/lib/modules-load.d/*.conf DESCRIPTION
systemd uses files from the above directories to configure kernel modules to load during boot in a static list. Each configuration file is named in the style of /etc/modules-load.d/<program>.conf. Note that it is usually a better idea to use the automatic module loading by PCI ID, by DMI ID or similar triggers configured in the kernel modules themselves instead of relying on static configuration like this. CONFIGURATION FORMAT
The configuration files should simply contain a list of kernel module names to load, separated by newlines. Empty lines and lines whose first non-whitespace character is # or ; are ignored. Each configuration file is named in the style of <program>.conf. Files in /etc/ overwrite files with the same name in /usr/lib/. Files in /run overwrite files with the same name in /etc/ and /usr/lib/. Packages should install their configuration files in /usr/lib/, files in /etc/ are reserved for the local administration, which possibly decides to overwrite the configurations installed from packages. All files are sorted by filename in alphabetical order, regardless in which of the directories they reside, to ensure that a specific configuration file takes precedence over another file with an alphabetically later name. EXAMPLE
Example 1. /etc/modules-load.d/virtio-net.conf example: # Load virtio-net.ko at boot virtio-net SEE ALSO
systemd(1), modprobe(8) AUTHOR
Lennart Poettering <> Developer systemd 10/07/2013 MODULES-LOAD.D(5)
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