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drop_extension(7) [centos man page]

EXTENSION(7) PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation DROP EXTENSION(7) NAME
DROP_EXTENSION - remove an extension SYNOPSIS
DROP EXTENSION removes extensions from the database. Dropping an extension causes its component objects to be dropped as well. You must own the extension to use DROP EXTENSION. PARAMETERS
IF EXISTS Do not throw an error if the extension does not exist. A notice is issued in this case. name The name of an installed extension. CASCADE Automatically drop objects that depend on the extension. RESTRICT Refuse to drop the extension if any objects depend on it (other than its own member objects and other extensions listed in the same DROP command). This is the default. EXAMPLES
To remove the extension hstore from the current database: DROP EXTENSION hstore; This command will fail if any of hstore's objects are in use in the database, for example if any tables have columns of the hstore type. Add the CASCADE option to forcibly remove those dependent objects as well. COMPATIBILITY
DROP EXTENSION is a PostgreSQL extension. SEE ALSO

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TABLE(7) PostgreSQL 9.2.7 Documentation DROP FOREIGN TABLE(7) NAME
DROP_FOREIGN_TABLE - remove a foreign table SYNOPSIS
DROP FOREIGN TABLE removes a foreign table. Only the owner of a foreign table can remove it. PARAMETERS
IF EXISTS Do not throw an error if the foreign table does not exist. A notice is issued in this case. name The name (optionally schema-qualified) of the foreign table to drop. CASCADE Automatically drop objects that depend on the foreign table (such as views). RESTRICT Refuse to drop the foreign table if any objects depend on it. This is the default. EXAMPLES
To destroy two foreign tables, films and distributors: DROP FOREIGN TABLE films, distributors; COMPATIBILITY
This command conforms to the ISO/IEC 9075-9 (SQL/MED), except that the standard only allows one foreign table to be dropped per command, and apart from the IF EXISTS option, which is a PostgreSQL extension. SEE ALSO
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