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NETGROUP(5)						       NIS Reference Manual						       NETGROUP(5)

netgroup - specify network groups DESCRIPTION
The netgroup file defines "netgroups", which are sets of (host, user, domain) tuples, used for permission checking when doing remote mounts,remote logins and remote shells. Each line in the file consists of a netgroup name followed by a by a list of members, where a member is either another netgroup name, or a triple: (host, user, domain) where the host, user, and domain are character strings for the corresponding components. Any of the three fields can be empty, in which case it specifies a "wildcard", or may consist of the string "-" to specify "no valid value". The domain field must either be the local domain name or empty for the netgroup entry to be used. This field does not limit the netgroup or provide security. The domain field refers to the domain in which the triple is valid, not the domain containing the the trusted host. A gateway machine should be listed under all possible hostnames by which it may be recognized: gateway (server, , ) (server-sn, , ) (server-bb, , ) The getnetgrent(3), function should normally be used to access the netgroup database. FILES
/etc/netgroup SEE ALSO
getnetgrent(3), exports(5), makedbm(8), ypserv(8) WARNINGS
The triple (,,domain) allows all users and machines trusted access, and has the same effect as the triple (,,). Use the host and user fields of the triple to restrict the access correctly to a specific set of members. AUTHOR
Thorsten Kukuk <> NIS Reference Manual 04/06/2006 NETGROUP(5)

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NETGROUP(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual						       NETGROUP(5)

netgroup -- defines network groups SYNOPSIS
The netgroup file specifies ``netgroups'', which are sets of (host, user, domain) tuples that are to be given similar network access. Each line in the file consists of a netgroup name followed by a list of the members of the netgroup. Each member can be either the name of another netgroup or a specification of a tuple as follows: (host, user, domain) where the host, user, and domain are character string names for the corresponding component. Any of the comma separated fields may be empty to specify a ``wildcard'' value or may consist of the string ``-'' to specify ``no valid value''. The members of the list may be separated by whitespace; the ``'' character may be used at the end of a line to specify line continuation. The functions specified in getnetgrent(3) should normally be used to access the netgroup database. If 'files' is specified for the 'netgroup' database in nsswitch.conf(5), (or no 'netgroup' entry is specified), then these functions operate on the db(3) version of the netgroup (netgroup.db) file which can be generated using netgroup_mkdb(8). If 'nis' is specified then the NIS maps 'netgroup', 'netgroup.byhost', and 'netgroup.byuser' are used. Lines that begin with a # are treated as comments. FILES
/etc/netgroup.db the netgroup database. SEE ALSO
getnetgrent(3), exports(5), nsswitch.conf(5), netgroup_mkdb(8) COMPATIBILITY
The file format is compatible with that of various vendors, however it appears that not all vendors use an identical format. BUGS
The interpretation of access restrictions based on the member tuples of a netgroup is left up to the various network applications. BSD
January 16, 1999 BSD
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