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tapset::linuxmib(3stap) [centos man page]

tapset::linuxmib(3stap) 												   tapset::linuxmib(3stap)

tapset::linuxmib - systemtap linuxmib tapset DESCRIPTION
linuxmib.DelayedACKs Count of delayed acks See probe::linuxmib.DelayedACKs(3stap) for details. linuxmib.ListenOverflows Count of times a listen queue overflowed See probe::linuxmib.ListenOverflows(3stap) for details. linuxmib.ListenDrops Count of times conn request that were dropped See probe::linuxmib.ListenDrops(3stap) for details. linuxmib.TCPMemoryPressures Count of times memory pressure was used See probe::linuxmib.TCPMemoryPressures(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::linuxmib.DelayedACKs(3stap), probe::linuxmib.ListenOverflows(3stap), probe::linuxmib.ListenDrops(3stap), probe::linuxmib.TCPMemoryPressures(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::linuxmib(3stap)

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tapset::ipmib(3stap)													      tapset::ipmib(3stap)

tapset::ipmib - systemtap ipmib tapset DESCRIPTION
ipmib_remote_addr Get the remote ip address See function::ipmib_remote_addr(3stap) for details. ipmib_local_addr Get the local ip address See function::ipmib_local_addr(3stap) for details. ipmib_tcp_remote_port Get the remote tcp port See function::ipmib_tcp_remote_port(3stap) for details. ipmib_tcp_local_port Get the local tcp port See function::ipmib_tcp_local_port(3stap) for details. ipmib_get_proto Get the protocol value See function::ipmib_get_proto(3stap) for details. ipmib.InReceives Count an arriving packet See probe::ipmib.InReceives(3stap) for details. ipmib.InNoRoutes Count an arriving packet with no matching socket See probe::ipmib.InNoRoutes(3stap) for details. ipmib.InAddrErrors Count arriving packets with an incorrect address See probe::ipmib.InAddrErrors(3stap) for details. ipmib.InUnknownProtos Count arriving packets with an unbound proto See probe::ipmib.InUnknownProtos(3stap) for details. ipmib.InDiscards Count discarded inbound packets See probe::ipmib.InDiscards(3stap) for details. ipmib.ForwDatagrams Count forwarded packet See probe::ipmib.ForwDatagrams(3stap) for details. ipmib.OutRequests Count a request to send a packet See probe::ipmib.OutRequests(3stap) for details. ipmib.ReasmTimeout Count Reassembly Timeouts See probe::ipmib.ReasmTimeout(3stap) for details. ipmib.ReasmReqds Count number of packet fragments reassembly requests See probe::ipmib.ReasmReqds(3stap) for details. ipmib.FragOKs Count datagram fragmented successfully See probe::ipmib.FragOKs(3stap) for details. ipmib.FragFails Count datagram fragmented unsuccessfully See probe::ipmib.FragFails(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
function::ipmib_remote_addr(3stap), function::ipmib_local_addr(3stap), function::ipmib_tcp_remote_port(3stap), function::ipmib_tcp_local_port(3stap), function::ipmib_get_proto(3stap), probe::ipmib.InReceives(3stap), probe::ipmib.InNoRoutes(3stap), probe::ipmib.InAddrErrors(3stap), probe::ipmib.InUnknownProtos(3stap), probe::ipmib.InDiscards(3stap), probe::ipmib.ForwDatagrams(3stap), probe::ipmib.OutRequests(3stap), probe::ipmib.ReasmTimeout(3stap), probe::ipmib.ReasmReqds(3stap), probe::ipmib.FragOKs(3stap), probe::ipmib.FragFails(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::ipmib(3stap)
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